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Time Warner Cable to Test Tiered Bandwidth Caps 591 591

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "According to a leaked internal memo, Time Warner Cable is testing out tiered bandwidth caps in their Beaumont, TX division as a way to fairly balance the needs of heavy users against the limited amount of shared bandwidth cable can provide. The plan is to offer various service tiers with bandwidth fees for overuse, as well as a bandwidth meter customers can use to help them stay within their allotment. If it works out, they will consider a nation-wide rollout. Interestingly, the memo also claims that 5% of subscribers use over 50% of the total network bandwidth."
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Time Warner Cable to Test Tiered Bandwidth Caps

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  • Frist Po (Score:3, Funny)

    by plague*star (731804) on Wednesday January 16, 2008 @08:39PM (#22074216)
    crap outta bandwith
  • by ArcherB (796902) * on Wednesday January 16, 2008 @08:40PM (#22074232) Journal
    As one of those 5% people, if they roll this out in my area, I'll become a DSL subscriber!

  • by krotkruton (967718) on Wednesday January 16, 2008 @10:22PM (#22075586)
    Yeah, and maybe they can give the "light" users some type of refund for the bandwidth they don't use each month... I know, they could call it "rollover bandwidth"! As long as you stay within your bandwidth allotment, you'd only have to pay a monthly fee (plus any add-ons you have, of course), but anyone who goes over their bandwidth would be charged heavy fees.

    And you could get packages that allow you to do different things, so if all you want is instant messaging and html, you can buy one package, but if you want to download a file there will be additional fees unless you have a download add-on. VoIP would be free if you get a phone through your cable company, but you'd need a different add-on without the phone.

    And they could charge less for users who only access local sites but charge more for those who receive information internationally, unless you get the international package.

    This all sounds like a great idea. It's not just a ploy to squeeze out that extra dime, these are great features that you can add to your plan! This way everyone gets what they want, even if it's more expensive. It's also less complicated since you pick the plans you want instead of getting a service that does everything, because no one really knows which features are included with "everything".

    But seriously, do you really want to see ISPs turn into cell phone carriers?
  • Just what exactly are ISP's thinking when they offer faster connections?

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