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RC Submarine Lays Fiber Through Sewers In Italy 122

Francesco Fondi writes "An Italian Company is using RC scale model submarines to lay fiber through Milan's sewage system. The RC submarine used is the Neptune SB-1, produced by Taiwanese company Thunder Tiger. It costs ca $600 in US hobby shops." In Italian, but the pictures speak for themselves.
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RC Submarine Lays Fiber Through Sewers In Italy

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  • similar idea (Score:3, Insightful)

    by ei4anb (625481) on Friday July 03, 2009 @08:52AM (#28570591)
    A few years ago thieves stole several kilometers of rope from newly layed pipes alongside a road near where I lived. The ropes were to be used to pull cables through the pipes using openings every 100 meters. The company was on the point of digging up the roadside to relay the pipes when a local farmer explained that he had a trained ferret that he used for such work on his farm.

    The ferret pulled string through the pipes and that was used to pull rope which then was used to pull the cables through. I have heard that the same trick was used in the 1800's for telegraph cables.

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