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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Coming In September 202

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the size-matters dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "The rumors are now reality, Samsung showed the world its first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the company's new 7-inch tablet. Samsung Mobile will release more information about the Galaxy Tab on September 2 in advance of IFA Berlin 2010. Tab will run on Android 2.2 and feature full Web-browsing and video calling. The information given by the company implied that the Galaxy Tab will sport an HD screen for video, Flash support, support for e-books, possible GPS navigation, and PC linking."
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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Coming In September

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  • by h00manist (800926) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:34PM (#33359992) Journal
    It's a Linux system presented in all stores across the planet, on prime shelf space.
  • by NitroWolf (72977) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:38PM (#33360058)

    I had to laugh at the "Possible GPS navigation" part, since they couldn't even get the GPS to work properly on their Galaxy S line of phones. What makes them think they can make it work properly on the tablet?

    The GPS problem on the Galaxy S line has been known for over a month (and acknowledged by Samsung, even) and yet there's no fix for it. I mean, it's not like it's a minor problem with the GPS... the GPS just does not work on most phones, and some even will kill your GSM connection all together periodically.

    Possible GPS navigation my arse! How about making a working GPS on a phone before trying to put it on a tablet. Other phone manufacturers have been able to put working GPS units in their phones for years. One would think Samsung might have tested this out before releasing a flagship line of phones.

    • by unix1 (1667411) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:05PM (#33360496)

      I had to laugh at the "Possible GPS navigation" part, since they couldn't even get the GPS to work properly on their Galaxy S line of phones.

      It looks like it will have the GPS. If you look at their teaser site [], one of the pictures they flash through there shows the navigation screen. And they also advertize "navigation" as one of its features with moving/focusing words towards the end of the video.

    • by stoanhart (876182) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:13PM (#33360592)
      It's really not that bad. I have a Vibrant, and the GPS issue is the only downside to the phone. Otherwise, it's a phenomenal piece of hardware. Also, it's been confirmed that the GPS issue is a software bug, and will be fixed in the Froyo update in September. Since this pad device will be running Froyo to start with, I think it's safe to assume the GPS will work just fine.
    • by HotBBQ (714130) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:29PM (#33360852)
      Samsung has an official firmware fix for the GPS problem on the Galaxy line of phones. The firmware is scheduled for release in September. The forthcoming Epic 4G from Sprint will be released with this updated firmware. Engadget Story []
    • by idiot900 (166952) * on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:37PM (#33361022)

      If you are willing to hack your phone, you can install the GPS software from the new Epic 4G, which is a Galaxy S phone. In my experience this substantially improves the function of the GPS receiver on my Captivate (AT&T version of the Galaxy S). So while Samsung made a big mistake shipping a clearly broken product (did they seriously never try out the GPS even once before shipping the phone?), at the very least a fix exists and I feel confident it will make it out officially.

      Other than the GPS issues it really is a brilliant piece of hardware. Overall I do not regret my purchase.

    • by nextekcarl (1402899) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:23PM (#33361864)

      Maybe they mean it more as in the GPS will possibly work?

  • by danieltdp (1287734) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:41PM (#33360108)

    Now every tech company has to get an ipad competitor on the market. Kudos to Apple for leading innovation like no one else. How many years have we seen people talk about thjs particular form-factor? Appple makes one and boom. Now everyone is doing it.

    Don't take me the wrong way. This is not a rant! I'm actually happy to see this kind of development

    • by Kitkoan (1719118) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:04PM (#33360484)
      The problem is, Android tablets have been on the market for almost a year in North America alone, not considering the cheap ones in China only. Apple brought them the lime light, but Androids were the ones to take the first steps and showed that a tablet computer running a minimalist OS was not only doable, but was very functional for day to day usage.
    • by gad_zuki! (70830) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:46PM (#33361196)

      There's always some hot new format or item that tech industry goes crazy for. I'm still not certain that there's a real place for these things outside of the home. While I love the idea of taking one of these things to a meeting, I loathe the idea of attempting to use a virtual keyboard for anything but a short message. All of these implementations do not involve a stylus for me to draw with or any kind of handwriting recognition.

      The format size is awkward. Everyone I've seen with an ipad has this desperate "how do I properly carry this delicate thing" look in their eyes when they're done using it. Its too big for a pocket and too small for a laptop case. The man-purses I've seen so far look embarrassingly hilarious.

      I'll be happy when someone develops one that can do handwriting recognition and lets me draw diagrams and such with the ability to easily print them or display them on a media PC wirelessly (VNC server perhaps?). Right now its a solution looking for a problem.

  • HD screen/ (Score:4, Informative)

    by Tumbleweed (3706) * on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:42PM (#33360134)

    Android 2.2 doesn't support HD displays (only via video out like HDMI), unless they've extended it somehow. Otherwise we'll have to wait for Gingerbread (3.0?). 2.2 only supports up to something like 854x480 for the main display, I'm pretty sure.

  • So...? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by camperdave (969942) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:42PM (#33360136) Journal
    So, is this a phone, or a tablet computer, or what? A 7" screen would put this at roughly the size of a paperback novel. Too big to shove into a pocket, too small to do any serious note taking.
    • by bradley13 (1118935) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:49PM (#33360222) Homepage

      We have an e-ink reader - the form factor is great, but the lack of backlighting is surprisingly restrictive, and anyway you can't read documents that require color. I read e-books on my mobile phone, but the screen is really too small.

      A 7" form factor with a backlit LCD "the size of a paperback" sounds just right. Big enough to be useful, small enough to still fit in a jacket pocket.

    • Re:So...? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by bm_luethke (253362) <luethkeb&comcast,net> on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:27PM (#33360812)

      A tablet.

      Some people prefer a 7" tablet (I am one). That is also why Apple is rumored to be producing one too.

      For my self a 10" one seems silly. It's not big enough to use a have a good keyboard and carrying an external one defeats the purpose. It's heavy and bulky - it isn't going into a pocket or be carried on a plane comfortably either. Add inn all the issues with it having a fairly stripped down OS and hardware so I can't do much more than watch a movie or browse the web and it is worthless to me.

      7" is perfect - those "flaws" are OK due to the increased portability (minimal OS/software stack and hardware) and when I want to do some "serious" note taking I'll take a netbook - or even better a notebook - any day of the week. Any smaller than a 7" and I start into eye strain for any extended viewing. Plus it is small enough to fit into some pockets/pouches and definitely small enough to easily carry around no matter what yet large enough to not get eye strain.

      But then that is why there are several form factors too - not everyone likes the same thing and those that prefer a 7" or a 10" are not stupid because they do. Personally I would say someone who is confused if this is a phone or not fits that bill better.

  • The important things (Score:3, Informative)

    by gilesjuk (604902) <`ku.oc.nez' `ta' `senoj.selig'> on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:46PM (#33360184)

    Screen, it needs a good touch screen, decent resolution and viewing angle,

    Battery life, it has to be much longer than a laptop.

    Software support, if the screen resolution is greater than any other device then some software may not work or will appear small.

    Price, if it's not much cheaper than the iPad then that's a failure.

    The actual OS is important, but given it's Android it's unlikely to present a problem.

    • by Kitkoan (1719118) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:13PM (#33360596)

      Battery life, it has to be much longer than a laptop.

      Since many laptops these days are getting battery life of 6-8 hours (around the same amount of time the iPad is getting), what kind of battery life are you hoping for?

      Software support, if the screen resolution is greater than any other device then some software may not work or will appear small.

      Screen size support has been addressed and pretty much fixed since Android 1.6 came out, so it shouldn't be a problem. []

      Price, if it's not much cheaper than the iPad then that's a failure.

      How would it be a failure? Its running newer, faster parts and it seems like the screen might be a higher resolution. Better, newer parts will raise the price making it possibly match the iPad. And if people feel its a better unit, or even an "upgraded" version of the iPad for the same price, then they will buy it.

      The actual OS is important, but given it's Android it's unlikely to present a problem.

      And that its Android 2.2 should help too.

      • by cynyr (703126) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:17PM (#33361736)

        24-48 hours on a laptop, and 7-14 days on a tablet. 24 hours is with the hardrive, optical drive, CPU, GPU, wifi, screen brightness, and bluetooth all maxed out. 48 can be with the cpu load low, and the wifi + bluetooth on, as if I was surfing the web, screen at 1/2 brightness. Otherwise it's like having an ipod clasic with 83.33 days of music (40k songs * 3 min/song) but can only play for 36 hours...

  • by Taibhsear (1286214) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:48PM (#33360204)

    I have the Archos 5. Archos' tablets had a lot of potential but the firmware is so damn buggy and they seem to not really give a crap. (they're french, what are ya gonna do?...) I hope the new hardware that comes out from samsung and other competitors starts addressing some of the issues these early versions had. Anything bigger than my archos is pretty much not going to cut it for me though (mainly use it for my car stereo and anything bigger won't fit in the stereo cubby hole).

  • by spyfrog (552673) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @03:49PM (#33360224) Homepage

    Will this be an follow up on the Galaxy phone?
    That is, will it be released with outdated and buggy software that Samsung promise to NOT upgrade?
    Will they after pressure release different version of buggy updates to a still old version in different countries?
    Will it crash, be prone to screen errors and to slow to use?
    Will Samsung ignore all complaints? Will the only bright light be the unpaid hackers who makes their own version of the OS?

    I bought the Galaxy phone and have sworn to never again buy a phone from Samsung. I now have a HTC Desire and the difference between these products can't be described by words alone.

  • by CritterNYC (190163) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:02PM (#33360452) Homepage

    This article was a bit light on the details (as it's just mentioning what's in the quick video preview on the site), but other sites have posted some rumors and analysis of some Samsung firmware leaks.

    The display seems to be 800x480, which is decent on a 7" screen (133ppi, essentially the same as the iPad's 131ppi). There is a front and rear facing camera (confirmed in this video which mentions video calling), a 1.0 or 1.2GHz hummingbird processor (similar to the awesome 1GHz hummingbird in their Galaxy S phones which can really pump out the pixels []), and some other goodies. []

  • by Yvan256 (722131) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:17PM (#33360642) Homepage Journal

    Tablets are perfect for watching porn.

    They don't have a mouse or keyboard, and their smooth touch screens can easily be cleaned after you're done with your... erm... personal enjoyment.

    Now all I have to do is click that "Post Anonymously" checkbox before my ISP disconnects me for not paying my bil.%${xf[re`1e2$%#@NO CARRIER

  • by Benfea (1365845) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:05PM (#33361532)
    Now we can buy a tablet that locks up frequently and can't find its own a** in a pair of bloomers.
  • by TRRosen (720617) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:10PM (#33361622)

    Same piece of crap now 100% larger. That will come in handy when your tossing the POS against the wall.

    And Guys get with it consumers are never going to go for android tablets. This is for the same reasons people on this site will and the same reason windows tablets failed. Its just general purpose linux computer. Its not designed as a device. The iPad is a hit because -yes- it is a big iPod touch. Consumers don't have to deal with all the issues they have on their computers. Push the button it works. Filesystem whats that. I push music my music comes up. Thats all the consumer wants and the iPad delivers. Show the average consumer what they have to do to get there music onto a galaxy s phone and they'll look at you dumbfounded and just use their iPod. Trust me I did it yesterday.

  • by peter303 (12292) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:34PM (#33362052)
    In contrast Apple is secretive under they can ship product. Or the latest advance date before they file for a FCC license.
  • by Locke2005 (849178) on Tuesday August 24, 2010 @05:56PM (#33362344)
    My wife keeps telling me size doesn't matter! Wait... have I said this before?

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