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Microsoft Virtualization Windows Bug IT

Security Patch Breaks VMware Users' Windows Desktops 80

Posted by timothy
from the outside-design-specs dept.
jbrodkin writes "VMware is telling customers that two Windows 7 security patches have left VMware View users incapable of accessing their Windows desktops. Security updates issued on Patch Tuesday fixed Windows but broke the VMware View connection between users' PCs and remotely hosted Windows 7 desktops. Users will have to upgrade VMware View or uninstall the Microsoft patches in order to regain access to their desktops."
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Security Patch Breaks VMware Users' Windows Desktops

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 10, 2011 @05:12PM (#35167634)

    VMware view is way to access remotely hosted virtual machines.

    VMWare workstation and server are not affected.

    VMWare view clients just need to be updated.

  • by phoebus1553 (522577) on Thursday February 10, 2011 @05:35PM (#35167924) Homepage

    The responsibility absolutely is VMWare's. Large software companies generally have access to early releases of the Microsoft patches, specifically so they can perform whatever testing they need.

    Sounds like in this case, VMWare didn't bother doing their testing (or that testing was too costly), and is now trying to blame Microsoft for their fuckup.

    Lets try to RTFA before assuming...

    However, Lee said the Patch Tuesday security updates included the "early release of updates anticipated in" the Service Pack, which is due out Feb. 22. Lee said VMware provided its own VMware View update to customers "within 24 hours of the Microsoft security patch, in an effort to minimize customer impact."

    Sounds like MS did an early release of things VMWare knew was coming, but not expected until later. You're right that they were testing, hence the speedy update. Sounds like MS just released early and didn't communicate the release, so shift that blame back to MS.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 10, 2011 @05:43PM (#35168024)

    They have an updated build of the View Client available for download that fixes the problem.

    Good yes?

    Not really. The updated client has a new build number but the SAME version number in the MSI! Why does this matter? It matters because the MSI will not UPDATE an existing install. It looks like the same version so you have to uninstall and then reinstall.
    (No I have not tried MSIEXEC /FA option to try and force a reinstall of the same versions, that is next on my list.)

    They had the fixed build quick enough that I am guessing that this issue was known prior to today. It is just crazy that they did not change the version number so that the tools for managing applications (SCCM et al) can detect that a new version is available and install it.

    Even their own View Connection Servers which check the version of your View Client when you talk to them will not detect that a new version is available.



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