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German Nuclear Plant Turned Into Amusement Park 4

Posted by samzenpus
from the come-for-the-rides-stay-for-the-radiation dept.
Elliot Chang writes "Last month Germany announced plans to completely phase out the use of nuclear power by 2022 in favor of renewable energy sources — however what is to become of the nation's nuclear plants after they have been shut down? Enter East Germany's Wunderland Kalkar — an incredible adaptive reuse project that transformed a never-used nuclear reactor into an amusement park. The remarkable renovation attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year."


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German Nuclear Plant Turned Into Amusement Park

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  • Nothing new, this exists for a few years already..
    Not east but very west (near the dutch border) Germany.

    I visited this park about 2 years ago. Very suiteable with small children (ages 3 - 7) - very interesting concept: you pay entry once and not only get access to all attractions for free, but trough the whole park there are food stands where you can get food (french fries) and drinks (soda, water) for free..
    Portions are rather small and sometimes you have to stand a long time in line - so the abuse of fre

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