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Microsoft Goes In For Hadoop 67

Frankie70 writes that after more than three years, Microsoft has "finally learned to stop worrying and love Hadoop." Frankie70 excerpts from the linked Wired article: "Any aversion to Hadoop disappeared on Wednesday, when the company announced that it will integrate the platform with future versions of its relational database, SQL Server, and its platform cloud, Windows Azure, an online service for hosting and readily scaling applications. The company is now working to port the Hadoop platform to Windows."
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Microsoft Goes In For Hadoop

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  • Re:Dryad (Score:4, Informative)

    by mandelbr0t (1015855) on Thursday October 13, 2011 @12:07PM (#37703500) Journal

    Dryad is not quite Hadoop. From their whitepaper:

    We can map the whole relational algebra on top of Dryad, however Dryad is not a database engine: it does not include a query planner or optimizer; the system has no concept of data schemas or indices; and Dryad does not support transactions or logs

    I can see how Hadoop would supplement their own research in this field.

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