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Sweden Experiments With Public Twitter Takeover 64

Posted by Soulskill
from the reality-tv-in-140-characters dept.
revealingheart writes "BBC reports that Sweden is allowing one citizen per week to take control of its official Twitter feed, in what's been described as 'the world's most democratic Twitter experiment.' Adam Arnesson, a 21-year-old organic sheep farmer, is said to be the biggest star of the project so far, uploading photos and videos of life on his family's farm; while a female minister in the Church of Sweden and a Bosnian immigrant have also posted on the feed. The Swedish Institute and VisitSweden launched the experiment in December, which has helped to double Sweden's Twitter followers in the past month."
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Sweden Experiments With Public Twitter Takeover

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  • Re:Typical Twitter (Score:0, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 15, 2012 @08:23AM (#38704916)

    DavidSell [], ByOhTek [], antitithenai [], Bonch [], Dtech [] and others are psuedonyms/sockpuppets used by the Waggener Edstrom rapid response team employed by MS to astroturf discussions in favour of MS and to attack any point of view which isn't favourable to MS and supportive of their interests.

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