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MINIX 3.2 Released With Some Major Changes 120

An anonymous reader writes "MINIX 3.2.0 was released today (alternative announcement). Lots of code has been pulled in from NetBSD, replacing libc, much of the userspace and the bootloader. This should allow much more software to be ported easily (using the pkgsrc infrastructure which was previously adopted) while retaining the microkernel architecture. Also Clang is now used as a default compiler and ELF as the default binary format, which should allow MINIX to be ported to other architectures in the near future (in fact, they are currently looking to hire someone with embedded systems experience to port MINIX to ARM). A live CD is available." The big highlight is the new NetBSD based userland — it replaces the incredibly old fashioned and limited Minix userland. There's even experimental SMP support. Topping it all off, the project switched over to git which would make getting involved in development a bit easier for the casual hacker.
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MINIX 3.2 Released With Some Major Changes

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  • Re:Git? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Noryungi (70322) on Wednesday February 29, 2012 @10:24AM (#39197599) Homepage Journal

    That was in 1992. Get a life.

    Seriously, though, Torvalds vs Tanenbaum is so 20th century.

  • Re:Git? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Half-pint HAL (718102) on Wednesday February 29, 2012 @10:50AM (#39197883)

    Git is a userspace application, Tanenbaum and Torvalds disagree about the best way to design a kernel, that's a totally different topic..

    That's 20th century thinking, you dinosaur. In the 21st century, you cannot disagree with someone without hating them and everything they stand for. I am now obliged to call you an idiot for disagreeing with me, or in modern parlance: "being wrong". w0t??? U iz a bag of FAIL!!!! I bet you're a communist who votes for pinkos!!!

    Welcome to the Century of the Misanthrope.

  • Re:Neat (Score:2, Funny)

    by Chrisq (894406) on Wednesday February 29, 2012 @11:03AM (#39198051)

    What threat does Wayland poses?

    Let's put it this way - if you pass Smithers in a dark narrow alleyway keep your back to the wall.

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