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Judge Accepts $22.5M Google Fine In Privacy Case 25

Posted by Soulskill
from the more-interesting-if-she'd-accepted-a-$22.5M-bribe dept.
itwbennett writes "Judge Susan Illston has said she will approve a $22.5 million settlement deal between Google and the FTC over the company's practice of circumventing privacy protections in Apple's Safari browser to place tracking cookies on user's computers. Judge Illston also expressed concern about what will happen to the tracking data Google collected, since the settlement doesn't call for Google to destroy the data."
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Judge Accepts $22.5M Google Fine In Privacy Case

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  • Don't be evil, indeed.

    • $22.5 million is just "being bad" not "being evil".

  • how I misread the headline at first.
  • by dyingtolive (1393037) <brad DOT arnett AT notforhire DOT org> on Friday November 16, 2012 @04:54PM (#42005667)
    ... Google has effectively bought data on all fifteen Safari users out there for 22.5M. Hardly a good bargain, but I suppose that might help them optimize black turtleneck and Starbucks coffee advertisements, or something.
  • Come on, that's pocket change for a bunch of tax avoiding cunts like Google. That's like fining someone 50 cents for speeding. Do you really think a lesson was taught?
  • If Apple's browser promises to stop tracking, and Google ignores the 'stop tracking' indicator, and Apple says "that's fine, just pay us some $$$"...

    Does that mean we should have a class action lawsuit against Apple for false advertising? If they're claiming that setting this flag means don't track me, then they go ahead and make a settlement with Google that *allows them to keep the data they got tracking me*, aren't they advertising a false sense of security?

    Of course, I'm also peeved against Google. I

    • by jo_ham (604554)

      Just who do you think Google is paying the money to?

      • by wurp (51446)

        Oh, duh, settlement with the FTC. Thanks.

        In that case, can we sue the FTC for incompetence?

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