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Netflix Ranks ISP Speeds 186

Posted by Soulskill
from the what-would-they-know-about-transferring-data dept.
Carnth writes "Netflix will start releasing monthly ISP speed reports for the U.S. Google Fiber ranks at the top. They say, 'Broadly, cable shows better than DSL. AT&T U-verse, which is a hybrid fiber-DSL service, shows quite poorly compared to Verizon Fios, which is pure fiber. Charter moved down two positions since October. Verizon mobile has 40% higher performance than AT&T mobile.' Hopefully this will give consumers a better overall picture on how their ISP performs compared to others."
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Netflix Ranks ISP Speeds

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  • by ILongForDarkness (1134931) on Tuesday December 11, 2012 @11:55PM (#42257007)

    Small regional players probably don't have all the media hype that Google Fiber has gotten. That said 2.55MBPS how cute. Admittedly I can't benchmark against Netflix since it sucks ass in my country but I get 18MBPS (not Mbps MBps) pretty easily from torrents and large sites like MS, youtube etc. It does get pretty annoying actually to have that much speed at times sometimes I open a streaming video somewhere and download the whole thing before I realize it isn't the video I was looking for where as with a slower connection maybe only 1/10th of the video would be loaded before I can click the next/back button. I'm sure there is some limit to how much Netflix will push to you regardless of your bandwidth (you only need to stream so fast to keep a decent buffer on your video).

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