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Kaspersky Update Breaks Internet Access For Windows XP Users 92

Posted by timothy
from the all-a-secret-plot dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Yesterday afternoon, Kaspersky Labs released a definition update that blocked all Internet and Intranet access on Windows XP workstations. While there has been no official communication from Kaspersky, their forum is lit up with angry customers relying on each other to find a fix." Update: 02/05 16:42 GMT by T : Thanks to an anonymous reader, who says that Kaspersky has issued a statement, and a fix (though the fix takes some manual labor to implement).
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Kaspersky Update Breaks Internet Access For Windows XP Users

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  • Yes, exactly.... That is what so many people here on slashdot fail to see: it works, it does the job, replacing it costs money and for the majority of people it isn't a high priority thing to do, or even totally necessary. I have one laptop running XP and it works perfectly fine. If you are moderately knowledgable about Windows XP, it is pretty easy to run a Limited User account for day to day operations and only log in as Admin when necessary for maintenance. Making it nearly as secure as Vista/7/8, in some senses more secure, because UAC won't ask you permission. You'll be denied permission and either will have to use the Run-As feature or log in as Admin. I never needed to reinstall that machine, it's still in very good condition (Machine was bought in January 2007)

    My only concern is indeed the lack of support, but then, I'm not even all that worried.

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