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Google Releases Chrome 25 With Voice Recognition Support 93

Posted by timothy
from the say-what-you-mean dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Google on Thursday released Chrome version 25 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. While Chrome 24 was largely a stability release, Chrome 25 is all about features, including voice recognition support via the newly added Web Speech API and the blocking of silent extension installation. You can update to the latest release now using the browser's built-in silent updater, or download it directly from" But if you're more interested in the growing raft of Google-branded hardware than running Google OSes, some good news (via Liliputing) about the newly released Pixel: Bill Richardson of Google posted on Thursday that the Pixel can boot Linux Mint, and explained how users can follow his example, by taking advantage of new support for a user-provided bootloader.
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Google Releases Chrome 25 With Voice Recognition Support

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  • by Albanach (527650) on Saturday February 23, 2013 @12:08AM (#42987453) Homepage

    There are only two things voice recognition is useful for:
    * taking a small number of distinct commands
    * producing nonsense poetry that keeps rhythm and rhyme with input voice

    That's funny, I used voice control of my Nexus 4 yesterday evening to open the email application, pick the correct contact and then dictate an email along the lines of:

    Hi _name_,

    I've just left work. I'll be home in about ten minutes.

    See you then,

    _my name_

    That certainly seems to be more than a small number of commands. Okay, I'm not going to dictate War and Peace, but it's certainly functional.

  • by ChunderDownunder (709234) on Saturday February 23, 2013 @12:15AM (#42987483)

    Does it understand non-NorthAmericans yet?

    The speech recognition was completely useless on my Android phone unless I delivered a fake US accent.

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