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Transportation Power

Israeli Firm Makes Kilomile Claims For Electric Car Battery Tech 247

Posted by timothy
from the proclaimers-need-to-up-their-game-a-bit dept.
cylonlover writes with this tantalizing excerpt from GizMag "Israel-based company Phinergy claims to have developed metal-air battery technology that promises to end the range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. The company's battery currently consists of 50 aluminum plates, each providing energy for around 20 miles (32 km) of driving. This adds up to a total potential range of 1,000 miles (1,609 km), with stops required only every couple of hundred miles to refill the system with water."
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Israeli Firm Makes Kilomile Claims For Electric Car Battery Tech

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 04, 2013 @08:56AM (#43356933)

    Kilomile? Yes, let's combine two units of measure arbitrarily.

  • Re:freepalestina (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 04, 2013 @09:22AM (#43357147)

    Why was this modded down? If he had said the same thing about South Africa while Mandela was in prison, it would be pumped up to +5 immediately. Israel is an apartheid government, with a state religion! We should be boycotting them AND Saudi Arabia.. but such is the power of money...

  • Re:freepalestina (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Psyborgue (699890) on Thursday April 04, 2013 @09:33AM (#43357261) Homepage Journal
    They treat people of different citizenship differently. Apartheid! They have the audacity to set up checkpoints at the border of their territory. Apartheid! My god. They built a wall. Apartheid! Never-mind the violence of the intifadas and the fact that the security measures have *worked*, it's "Apartheid!" This is nothing like SA, where there were laws in place discriminating against people on the basis of race. I see nothing wrong with treating people of different nationalities differently. Muslims who hold Israeli citizenship have *exactly* the same rights as Jews... in some cases even more considering they do not have to serve in the Military. Were this not the case, you might have a point, but it's not, and you don't. All you serve to do is insult the people who suffered under actual apartheid.
  • by ArcadeMan (2766669) on Thursday April 04, 2013 @09:34AM (#43357265)

    So you are also okay with a decipound, two kiloinches and three millifeet?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 04, 2013 @09:45AM (#43357365)

    Add in the option of drive-thru refill stations where you part-exchange your battery for a fully charged one and it becomes very interesting.

  • Re:freepalestina (Score:3, Insightful)

    by losfromla (1294594) on Thursday April 04, 2013 @09:49AM (#43357417)

    omg! They have the audacity to destroy the economy of a group of people whose land they happen to be illegally occupying. Zomg! They have the audacity to decide they like any piece of land being farmed by a Palestinian and illegally raze the land and put up new condos for their "settlers". Zomg^2! They can roll up to any Palestinian occupied farm, park their mobile home, claim harassment and soon have a garrison of Israeli stormtroopers protecting "their" newly settled land. Not to mention the bombing of innocent women and children.

  • by jabuzz (182671) on Thursday April 04, 2013 @10:21AM (#43357839) Homepage

    Except these batteries generate electricity by turning aluminium into aluminium oxide. Admittedly it will be nice pure oxide that can go straight back to the electrolytic smelter to be turned back into aluminium. However it cannot be just melted back into aluminium and is more like $300 per tonne.

  • by Anubis IV (1279820) on Thursday April 04, 2013 @10:37AM (#43358025)

    And you're not? Surely you use KB, MB, GB, and TB on a regular basis, and they're far greater affronts to uniformity and consistency of prefix usage than any of the examples you've cited, all of which are technically correct despite being non-traditional.

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