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Transportation Technology

New Flying Car Design Unveiled 233

Posted by samzenpus
from the better-late-than-never dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Terrafugia has unveiled plans to build a semi-autonomous, hybrid-electric, vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicle for personal aviation. The new design, called TF-X, is in the works even as the company's first product, Transition, is still awaiting production because of technical and regulatory hurdles. Terrafugia's founder says the goal of TF-X, if it can get past the safety issues in both aviation and automotive industries, is to 'open up personal aviation to all of humanity.' But it will have a lot of competition from companies including AgustaWestland, Pipistrel, and the stealthy Zee.Aero, all of which are working on vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles for consumers."
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New Flying Car Design Unveiled

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  • Re:Are they safe? (Score:2, Informative)

    by flayzernax (1060680) on Monday May 06, 2013 @03:20PM (#43645803)

    Yes. But then some times I have to wait 30 seconds to (or is it too) a minute to click submit. I suppose I could use that time to check my grammar, syntax, spelling etc..

    You know I actually do bother to look up the proper way to write. But its extremely hard for me for some reason. Not claiming any kind of special status here just trying to be informative.

    In this case "loose" slipped right under the radar. I genuinely thought I had used the correct word.

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