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Networking United Kingdom

BT To Test Huawei 1Gbps Broadband Over Copper 77

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the dream-of-dsl dept.
judgecorp writes "BT is testing a different fiber broadband topology FTTdp (Fiber to the distribution point) and G.FAST, which could give 1Gbps broadband speeds at its research site Adastral Park in Britain. FTTdp pushes the network fiber closer to the user's premises than FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet). In many cases this is less than 250m, a distance at which it's possible to get 1Gbps over the copper phone network using G.FAST, a new variation of VDSL broadband ."
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BT To Test Huawei 1Gbps Broadband Over Copper

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  • oh god who cares (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Joining Yet Again (2992179) on Monday October 21, 2013 @10:48AM (#45188639)

    BT used to do interesting things, and was about to d oa very early fibre rollout before Thatcher stuck her beak in, but it's been playing catchup with the rest of the world since it was privatised.

  • by Joining Yet Again (2992179) on Monday October 21, 2013 @11:25AM (#45189029)

    Of course we have better broadband than the US: we're a pissant islet in a pond, and Oftel/Ofcom has spent much of its life kicking BT into rolling out service as far and wide as possible (although the unprofitable areas e.g. Scottish Highlands are actually completed with government money - with BT raking in the profits at the end).

    And give access to any ISP at cost - are you slow? They have to give access to any ISP at regulated prices, but they certainly are allowed to make a profit. Since telecoms is a natural monopoly and any attempt to create competition is really just the government stepping in and forcing the incumbent operator and local councils to dig up the roads and share pipework/exchanges, it's in fact only "leftie bullshit" which has given us something remotely resembling "competitive" offerings in the UK.

    It's classical Thatcherism: what looks like freeing up a market is in fact carefully regulating it to give the impression of competition, when in fact all she did was create a scenario where government had to endlessly socialise losses and channel profits to a bunch of useless leeches. Just as she did with railways, energy companies, water companies, banking industry(Girobank), and is about to happen with the postal service.

  • by Joining Yet Again (2992179) on Monday October 21, 2013 @01:47PM (#45191069)

    No, numbnuts, Brits are blaming Thatcher for explicitly prohibiting BT from deploying its final brilliant development as a public telecommuncations researcher and provider. It would have been like Reagan saying, if relevant events were contemporaneous, "No, AT&T, now we've broken you up, you must wipe all your Unix source code rather than releasing your new OS. Otherwise Microsoft won't be able to compete so effectively."

    Of course we continue to blame that government for implementing the arrangement which exists to this day - one where progress is merely about playing technical catch-up, and where the regulators have to drag the children kicking and screaming to get them to provide any decent level of service.

    I could blame you if it makes you feel better, though?

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