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Data Broker Medbase200 Sold Lists of Rape & Domestic Violence Victims 168

Posted by Soulskill
from the stay-classy dept.
McGruber writes "During her testimony (PDF) at a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hearing Wednesday about the data-broker industry, Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, revealed that the Medbase200 unit of Integrated Business Services Incorporated had been offering a list of 'rape sufferers' on its website, at a cost of $79 for 1,000 names. The company, which sells marketing information to pharmaceutical companies, also offered lists of domestic violence victims, HIV/AIDS patients, and 'peer pressure sufferers.' In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Integrated Business Services Incorporated President Sam Tartamella initially denied that his company maintained or sold databases of rape victims. After the Journal provided him a link to the 'rape sufferers' page, he said he would remove it from Medbase200's website and denied ever having sold such a list. The page was removed later Wednesday."
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Data Broker Medbase200 Sold Lists of Rape & Domestic Violence Victims

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 20, 2013 @06:38PM (#45749899)

    You don't need to know this information and you especially don't need to know this information in aggregate.

  • by MRe_nl (306212) on Friday December 20, 2013 @06:59PM (#45750077)

    Slashdot IS the 1%: You need just $34,000 annual income to be in the global elite.

  • by jhumkey (711391) on Friday December 20, 2013 @07:01PM (#45750091) Journal
    I remember as a teenager, my mother telling about a miscarriage she had a few years after I was born (too young to remember). Apparently they did a D&C afterwards (to scrap residue off the walls). But, hospitals (at that time at least) must've listed some Abortions as D&C's.
    (At the time of the conversation) its 13+ years later and someone had just stolen some hospital records and was harrasing recent D&C patients for "having Abortions" . . .
    She was horror struck at what it must've been like, for those "want to be mothers", still suffering the tragedy of having lost a child unwillingly . . . to have some dipwad confront them and accuse them of having an Abortion.
    Patient records should be sacrosanct for a reason.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 20, 2013 @07:04PM (#45750107)

    Not to mention safety. I was an IT contractor for a community outreach group that ran a number of safe homes for victims of rape and domestic violence. The addresses of those houses was very, very closely guarded, and the security measures in place to keep everything under wraps was dialed up to 11. Any lapses could potentially cost someone their life. Anyone responsible for selling this info needs to be locked up for a good, long time, and the articles of incorporation should be immediately dissolved.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 20, 2013 @07:04PM (#45750113)

    No, it's time to change the copyright laws so the subject of information has joint ownership of copyright on the information, with no implicit licensing. In other words, if you collect data about me in the course of our business relationship, it's private, and you may not retransmit it without my explicit, informed consent.

    Captcha: nausea (how appropriate)

  • by tlhIngan (30335) <<ten.frow> <ta> <todhsals>> on Friday December 20, 2013 @07:16PM (#45750193)

    Slashdot IS the 1%: You need just $34,000 annual income to be in the global elite.

    I find that number to be wrong on many levels.

    First, 1% of the population is about 70M people.

    You're telling me that out of the population of the US, Canada and Western Europe, that only 70M of those people make more then $34,000?

    If they were all Americans, that means 3 out of every 4 Americans make less than $34,000, a number I feel is high, especially when you add in the populations of Western Europe.

    Additionally, I would think a there would be a significant number of those people in say, China (where income inequality is HUGE)..

    I would believe the number is much closer to the top 5-8% of the population makes $34,000+.

  • by H0p313ss (811249) on Friday December 20, 2013 @11:17PM (#45751449)

    Sometime around the age of 12 one of my children commented "I wish we were rich."

    I stopped the car and turned around, "We are rich." I said

    "Both your mother and I both earn enough money to have a house and a car. You are always clothed and fed, you never go to bed hungry and cold. You get to travel, play sports and get a good education. Nobody forces you to work, ever. You don't have to fetch water just to survive, morning noon and night"

    "Remember that there are tens of millions of people around the world who have none of these things, and you have them all."

    I turned around and continued driving.

    Years later my daughter reminded me of the conversation and how it had triggered a kind of awakening.

  • by WOOFYGOOFY (1334993) on Saturday December 21, 2013 @08:32AM (#45752891)

    Well that's the point isn't it? They don't have it so good here. The fact that people elsewhere are held in worse conditions is immaterial just the way a man who beats and rapes a woman can't turn around to that woman and say "you have it so good, I didn't sell you into slavery.."

    The fact is way too many Americans DON'T have to good - period. They have it pretty bad in fact. 22% of children live in outright poverty. When you look at how "poverty" is defined, it's really far far worse than that sounds 18.6K a year for a family of 3.

    Perhaps you'd accept an employers logic that you should be paid 18.6 k a year because , hey, an entire *family* can make that much and STILL be OK. Or perhaps you'd find that logic exploitative, self-serving and irrelevant and the lifestyle which was forced on you by those wages grinding and abusive leaving you little in terms of time, money or energy so you could advance yourself.

    The people who have it good ARE the top 1% and they're doing it at other people's expense, and to their own detriment BTW. Distorting laws and markets , in the long run hurts everyone. The problem is that run is long enough for an entire lifetime to play out nicely for the distorter. Given that people will do drugs that ruin their entire lives almost immediately in order to feel good for a very brief time, we can't expect the system to ever self correct.

    The "you have it so good relative to X" is a fascist meme (not saying you yourself are fascist ! ! ). Scratch the surface and you'll see It's used almost exclusively to excuse abuse by an abuser or an enabler or sympathsizer of the enabler or, at best, someone who heard it and thought it sounded tough and realistic is a macho "life's tough, get over it" kinda way.

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