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Biotech Technology

Augmented-Reality Contact Lens Prototype Coming To CES 38

Posted by Soulskill
from the resistance-is-futile dept.
schwit1 writes with news that one of the big presentations at next week's Consumer Electronics Show will be a set of contact lenses that are designed to augment a user's vision. A company called iOptik will be demonstrating a functioning prototype. The lenses themselves are actually only part of the display — they're paired with eyeglasses that are fitted with micro-projectors which generate the imagery shown on the lenses. "[B]y utilizing the specialized lenses to help users focus on both close and faraway objects — an issue when putting panoramic images inches from the eyes — in conjunction with the glasses to project the media and overlays, Innovega is able to do two things when most wearables do just one. First, it can project 'glance-able' displays, like Google Glass does exclusively where data is pushed to the periphery. But by utilizing the contact lenses with the glasses, it can also project a full-screen HUD, in other words operate in a heads-up display mode similar to what goggle wearables like the gaming-focused Oculus Rift offer. ... 'All the usual optics in the eyewear are taken away and there is a sub-millimeter lens right in the center,' [iOptik CEO Stephen Willey] explained. 'It's shaped, so the outside of the lens is shaped to your prescription if you need one and the very center of the lens is a bump that allows you to see incredibly well half an inch from your eye.' The second component involved is the optical filter that directs light. 'Light coming from outside the world is shunted to your normal prescription. Light from that very near display goes through the center of the lens, the optical filter,' Willey said."
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Augmented-Reality Contact Lens Prototype Coming To CES

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  • Sure, we're a few years late (I blame John Connor), but skynet is coming together, piece by piece.

    We've already got the NSA, now we're getting terminator vision ... once google maps switches allegiance (and changes their name to cyberdyne), we'll know we're almost there.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Skynet? More like attack of the nerds.

      Contact lenses AND glasses? No thanks. I've worn both but never at the same time and I have no intention of entering double hell.

      • Skynet? More like attack of the nerds.

        Contact lenses AND glasses? No thanks. I've worn both but never at the same time and I have no intention of entering double hell.

        They'll go great with the suspenders and a belt.

      • I have been wearing contact for a few years now and they have been a good send. For starters no one knows I can't see for sh*t (whereas wearing glasses put you in a different social category altogether) and my ability to look at my surroundings has greatly improved. I would really spend a lot for a display of that kind.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Yes but SciFi has it upside down. The problem does not come from robots who start thinking for themselves. The problem comes from robots who do exactly as they are told. "I was just following orders" rings a bell?

  • I love reading about stories like these... it tickles my nostalgia for things like ShadowRun and Cyberpunk.

    Pity though... I probably could use them due to vision related neurological damage. -,,-

  • OK. One last time.

    These are small.

    But the ones out there are far away.

    Small... far away.

    Ahh... forget it.

  • a set of contact lenses that are designed to augment a user's vision.

    Isn't that what all contact lenses do?

  • by pubwvj (1045960) on Saturday January 04, 2014 @03:54PM (#45866581)

    The worst of both worlds. Glasses and contact lenses. Ugh. Shall we wear a face shield too? Ear protectors? Moon suit?

  • Now.
  • but do they have anything (under $1000) for those of us who don't wear contacts?
  • I remember someone telling me a story of a student that put a small laser on his glasses, that would shoot light directly on his retina, in order to produce an image. He used that to cheat on tests.

    I always wondered if it was true.

    It sounds like a CRT, only your retina is the surface where the scan-lines are produced.

  • Vernor Vinge wrote an entertaining book [] based around this technology.

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