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The Military Technology

How To Make 96,000lbs of WWII Machinery Into High-Tech Research Platform 150

Posted by samzenpus
from the what's-old-is-new dept.
coondoggie writes "The US Naval Research Laboratory is taking a 96,000-pound piece of World War II-era machinery and turning it into a test-bed for leading edge communications and radar applications. The equipment was originally known as a three-axis tilting platform designed to simulate the movements of a large ship at sea. It was built by Westinghouse in 1943 as a gun platform requiring only primitive motion in roll, pitch and yaw, according to the Navy Lab. Specifically it was used as a mechanically operated deck with a heavy machine gun director and a machine gun mount installed. Gun crews and director operators could be trained on the platform under conditions that approximated the movements of a vessel at sea."
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How To Make 96,000lbs of WWII Machinery Into High-Tech Research Platform

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