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Time Warner Sells Telecom Business to Level 3 38

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gavron (1300111) writes "We all know about TW Cable being acquired by Comcast (subject to regulatory approval) but news from today is that their non-cable business is being purchased by Level3 for almost 6 billion dollars.

What used to be the 'largest media and distribution company ever' (AOL Time Warner) is now nothing more than a garage of pieces being parceled off to the first available bidder. This might be good for consumers, but recently Time Warner (and Comcast) won awards for consumer hatred."
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Time Warner Sells Telecom Business to Level 3

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  • by Comen (321331) on Tuesday June 17, 2014 @05:50AM (#47252711)

    You need to change the subject, no where does it state that Time Warner sold anything.
    TW Telecom was not a part of Time Warner anymore, it was broken off years ago, the name changed from Time Warner Telecom to TW Telecom so they could keep some brand recognition, but they could no longer use the Time Warner name. The news announcement states that TW Telecom was bought by Level3, so stating that Time Warner sold its telecom business seems wrong to me. Unless maybe Time Warner still owned some of the company, since Time Warner itself no longer is part of Time Warner Cable either, they were broke apart years ago also, so that Time Warner is mostly all just media holdings, like movies and magazines.
    Either way, I am pretty sure your title for the article is WRONG.

  • by rearden (304396) on Tuesday June 17, 2014 @07:27AM (#47252897) Homepage
    TW Telecom is not part of Time Warner and has not been since it was spun off in 1998. In fact in 1999 it was floated on the exchange (NASDAQ: TWTC) and so is its own entity. This headline and story in general is very misleading as Time Warner/ Time Warner Cable and TW Telecom are no longer related.

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