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nottheusualsuspect (1681134) writes "AT&T, in response to a Notice of Inquiry released by the FCC to explore how to transition to a purely IP-based communications network, has declared that it's time to cut the cord. AT&T told the FCC that the death of landlines is a matter of when , not if, and asked that a firm deadline be set for pulling the plug. In the article, broadband internet and cellular access are considered to be available to everyone, though many Americans are still without decent internet access."
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Out with the Old

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  • I have helped develop a VOIP phone and I always considered them a dumb idea for all but big installations for government and business. Made no sense for home users. But...

    I just switched to VOIP this month after wondering for years why I am paying both land line and broadband. So, I cut out Verizon. The cost savings are marginal. Am not using FIOS or Verizon for broadband.

    VOIP quality and reliability are maybe just ahead of that for the cell phone. So we do pay as much as the market will bear for lessor,

  • Anyone remember the big blackout of '03? Remember how the cellphones died? Remember how the POTS system kept working? Until VOIP or cellphone can guarantee that their service will keep working in an emergency, they are toys.

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