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+ - Adobe forcing EULA on users-> 2

Submitted by schizz69
schizz69 (1239560) writes "While installing the latest Adobe reader last night, I was following the normal steps when the ever present "accept this EULA" prompt came up.
Normally clicking and hoping I wasn't selling my soul to the devil, I thought that I would actually read the EULA. To my surprise, I found that
the EULA is in PDF format!!! now, how am I supposed to review and accept an EULA available only as the proprietry format provided by the
software I am trying to install??? I understand that there are alternatives out there, but what about your average Joe? how would he know to download another PDF reader or similar in order to review the EULA of Acrobat???
Another thought, IANAL but is it even legal to provide the EULA in such a format as you have to accept it prior to reading it?
Whats the communities view on this?"

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Adobe forcing EULA on users

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  • I would think that since you were unable to view the EULA without agreeing to it, they would have a hard time actually enforcing it.

    That'd be like watching a movie online, and at the end you're told you have to pay $5 to watch the movie. Sorry, buddy, shoulda told me beforehand!

  • Shrinkwrap a CD with a paper EULA, and put a sticker on it saying "Buy opening this you agree to the EULA inside".

    Good luck in court on that...

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