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Plant a Garden? Go to jail!

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  • Big vegetable garden in the front yard of a house in a densely-packed neighborhood.

    Move to the country if you want a huge garden, chickens, goats and a windmill.

    • by evanism (600676)

      Yeah! You said it.

      Cities are reserved for concrete, steel and car fumes. None of that nature crap here!

      • by Nutria (679911)

        None of that nature crap here!

        Sure, because that's exactly not what I wrote. Jackass.

        When you buy your own house, you're going to realize that while cookie-cutter uniformity is monotonously dreary, OTOH, the "too different" house drives down property values.

        In this case, prospective buyers of neighboring houses will see that garden and think, "No way am I going to live near people who are going to fire up their Roto-Tiller at 6AM. They might even (not having a prior need to memorize Oak Park's laws regarding farm animals) have chicken

  • and that's to unfriend on facebook and quit following on twitter, Oak Park and all it's officials associated with this atrocity!

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