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+ - Symantec Sued For Running Fake "Scareware" Scans ->

Submitted by Sparrowvsrevolution
Sparrowvsrevolution (1926150) writes "James Gross, a resident of Washington State, filed what he intends to be a class action lawsuit against Symantec in a Northern District California court Tuesday, claiming that Symantec defrauds consumers by running fake scans on their machines, with results designed to bully users into upgrading to a paid version of the company’s software. “The scareware does not conduct any actual diagnostic testing on the computer,” the complaint reads. "Instead, Symantec intentionally designed its scareware to invariably report, in an extremely ominous manner, that harmful errors, privacy risks, and other computer problems exist on the user’s PC, regardless of the real condition of the consumer’s computer." Symantec denies those claims, but it has a history of using fearmongering tactics to bump up its sales. A notice it showed in 2010 to users whose subscriptions were ending in 2010 warned that "cybercriminals are about to clean out your bank account...Protect yourself now, or beg for mercy.”"
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Symantec Sued For Running Fake "Scareware" Scans

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