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+ - America Doesn't Want Electric Cars 3

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "'You are not alone,' writes Jalopnik's Joel Johnson. 'America hates electric cars.' More from the rant: 'Modern electric cars make about as much sense as rooftop airports. They're fairy tickets to a more-or-less inevitable future that hasn't actually arrived. For most of the American market, the only advantage electric cars offer over gasoline-powered vehicles is the permission to daydream about a time when their decision to drive in the first place doesn't hurt the environment.' Oh, and if you're keeping score, Johnson adds that Americans bought a grand total of just 20,000 electric vehicles in 2011. Non-electric vehicles? Almost 14 million."
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America Doesn't Want Electric Cars

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  • Every time I hear the phrase "sprawl" to describe the United States I mentally translate that to "the commoners here are not packed like sardines as they are in Europe where the aristocracy claimed all the good land for themselves".
    • by mcgrew (92797) *

      Every time I hear the phrase "sprawl" I think of The Jackyl and Bruce Willis' big computer controlled machine gun.

  • Could not justify spending so much for a car that is of low quality and may leave you stranded in a bad location. Make charging stations available throughout the U.S., convert gas stations into retail pitstops and watch big oil spend millions to shut them down. Car manufacturers will never build a reliable vehicle until the U.S. Government steps in and forces the issue.

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