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An anonymous reader writes "With the success of world IPv6 day in 2011, there is a lot of speculation about IPv6 in 2012. But simply turning on IPv6 does not make the problems of IPv4 exhaustion go away. It is only when services are usable with IPv6-only that the internet can clip the ties to the IPv4 boat anchor. That said, FreeBSD, Windows, and Android are working on IPv6-only capabilities. There are multiple accounts of IPv6-only network deployments. From those, we we now know that IPv6-only is viable in mobile, where over 80% (of a sampling of the top 200 apps) work well with IPv6-only. Mobile especially needs IPv6, since their are only 4 billion IPv4 address and approaching 50 billion mobile devices in the next 8 years. Ironically, the Android test data shows that the apps most likely to fail are peer-to-peer, like Skype. Traversing NAT and relying on broken IPv4 is built into their method of operating. P2P communications was supposed to be one of the key improvements in IPv6."
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IPv6-only Is Becoming Viable

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  • IPv6-only networking does work, surprisingly well. But there are a number of issues as well, and some hard work will be needed to resolve them.

    For one, we were early transitioning to this mode and hit many of the bugs in various operating systems and applications. The situation has improved dramatically in the two years since we turned on our IPv6-networking mode, for instance Linux today works much better than it did back then. Still, some bugs remain. And I think the users need to push some of the applica

  • There are many different scenarios that can be called "IPv6-only". Each of them has different impacts and potential issues.

    You have the WAN link running IPv6-only.

    You have the local link running IPv6-only.

    You have the node running IPv6-only.

    You can also be running with or without IPv6 to IPv4 translation, e.g. NAT64/DNS64. With or without IPv4 encapsulation. e.g. DS-Lite. With or without IPv4 link-local being up. With or without a IPv4 loopback interface. With or without a IPv4 capable stack.

    Users and

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