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shuttah writes: Robert X. Cringely, author of the 1992 influential book Accidental Empires, will be republishing & updating (including pictures & new chapters) the now twenty year-old book via the launch of a new blog also by the author.

Cingeley tell us — "So next month I’ll be starting a second blog with its own URL just for Accidental Empires. I, Cringely will continue right here as ever (no changes at all), but on the book blog I will over several months publish — a chapter or so at a time — the entire 100,000-word book for the world to read, free of charge."

The book was also the basis for Cringley's 1996 TV miniseries "Triumph of the Nerds" released by PBS.

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Accidental Empires To See Reboot, via the Internet

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  • Sorry, guys. I got really excited after reading this entry on Cringely's blog and realize there are a few typos in there. My apologies. Anyway, the 1996 "Triumph of the Nerds - The Rise of Accidental Empires" television series "Official Website" [] is uploaded onto YouTube via the links below. You can also buy the series on the PBS website here [].

    The follow-up series, 1998's "Nerds 2.0.1 - A Brief History of the Internet" ("official" website) [] is uploaded onto Google Video via the links below, too. You can buy a

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