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+ - Kaspersky Lab Defeats Patent Troll->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "A patent suit filed in 2009 by IPAT (Information Protection and Authentication of Texas) targeted nearly every security vendor you can imagine. The list included Kaspersky Lab, along with Microsoft, AVG, Check Point, Comodo, ESET, F-Secure, Symantec, McAfee, PC Tools, Sophos, Trend Micro, Webroot, and several others.

The suit was filed in the Eastern District of Texas, a haven for patent trolls looking to make a quick buck via legal extortion. The lawsuit alleged that they were infringing on IPAT’s patents by, "...making, using, providing, offering to sell, and selling (directly or through intermediaries), in this district [Eastern Texas] and elsewhere in the United States, hardware and/or software for protecting and/or authenticating information."

What's interesting is that while many chose to settle and pay licensing fees, Kaspersky held its ground. "Back in 2008 I said to our lawyers that there would be no backing down – we would go to court and fight it out with them," Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky said.

The firm, much smaller and with fewer resources than giants including Symantec, Microsoft, Check Point, and others, put up a strong fight and came out victorious following a three-year court battle.

"It was our first experience of a patent legal battle and we decided to stand our ground and stand up for our rights," Kaspersky said. "Now we are mulling over ideas to strike back at the trolls. Not only are they extorting money, more importantly they are endangering technological progress.""

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Kaspersky Lab Defeats Patent Troll

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