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+ - China's Yearly Budget For High-Speed Rail: $100 Billion Dollars-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "For all of those wondering about China's massive high speed rail network, it costs some serious cash. Running high speed lines across the nation is expensive — to the tune of $100 billion dollars a year. This covers the cost to maintain the network, build it, and pay all of the staff.

The problem is, corruption has reared its ugly head. The network itself has had its share of problems, with people dying as a result. There is also the problem that many of Chinese poor make so little money they can't afford to ride it.

The sad fact is that so much money is being spent, no one can even keep count."

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China's Yearly Budget For High-Speed Rail: $100 Billion Dollars

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  • Because after all, they only have 1-yuan coins, and it would take a lot of them to add up to $100 billion.
    Sheesh! Last time I checked, China had access to computers. They might even have floating-point technology.

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