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+ - Senator McCaskill Tells FAA Chief To Fix Electronic Device Rules Or Else->

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redletterdave writes "U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is standing up for the passengers out there continually told by airlines and the FAA to turn off their smartphones, e-books, tablets and other electronic devices if they want to fly the friendly skies, particularly during takeoff and landing. Sen. McCaskill — a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, with jurisdiction over the country's communications and aviation policy — just penned and published a strongly-worded letter to the FAA, urging the agency to reexamine its rules that disallow the use of electronic devices at certain times during flight, even though many of those same devices are in use during those times anyway. Sen. McCaskill implored that the FAA work "as expeditiously as possible to implement common sense changes in today's restrictive regulations on in-flight use of PEDs that better reflect new technologies," but notes that if the FAA does not move on to addressing this hypocritical rule in a timely manner, the senior US senator from Missouri is "prepared to pursue legislative solutions.""
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Senator McCaskill Tells FAA Chief To Fix Electronic Device Rules Or Else

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