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+ - Cox Comm. injects code into customers' web traffic to announce email outage-> 2 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Cox Communications appears to be injecting JavaScript and HTML into subscriber's traffic, as part of their effort to announce an email service outage. Pictures showing the popup:
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Cox Comm. injects code into customers' web traffic to announce email outage

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  • This bothers me a lot.
    Inserting js into any page can insert badness into any page.

    This should be illegal but in a world of CSS it is just more bloat.

    The good part is they were "TRYING" to do something positive.
    The bad part is they are crossing a line and abusing their position
    in the delivery chain. What if Books had chapters inserted, deleded,
    what if pay for view had social messages inserted making if obvious
    that round football is more hostile than pointy ball football.

    What if the inserted bits contained

    • Gosh, you think they could have *gasp* EMAILED their customers (they already own the database, duh!) and maybe set up an automated phone-call system to alert subscribers over the telephone. You know, non-evil stuff. Simple stuff. No need to get fancy, email and phone will take care of it.

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