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+ - DARPA wants electronics that can dissolve or burst apart after use-> 2

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coondoggie writes "he Mission: Impossible TV show famously started most episodes with a tape recorded mission message that ended with: "This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds, good luck Jim." Then it melted down in a burst of smoke and flame.
DARPA researchers seem to want to take that sort of destructive notion quite a few steps further by designing electronics — particularly smart phones and other devices — that can melt or at least partially dissolve to the point that they would be useless to anyone else who came across them."

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DARPA wants electronics that can dissolve or burst apart after use

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  • I can see security conscious IT firms using them too. Government contractors, survival freaks, you name it. I think the whole thing has market potential. And, as easy as it is to accidentally burn out resistors when you throw some extra power at them, I imagine the whole thing can probably be done with regulator technology we already have. Only problem is getting rid of the data itself in a way that's not forensically recoverable. That might take an extra step or two, but again, probably not a monumental ch

  • If they need electronics that burst or melt after use they should talk to the company that makes the battery monitoring module for those new Boeing 787 jets.

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