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+ - Intel to Launch Paid WebTV Set-Top Box Experience->

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kdryer39 writes "In an unexpected but kind-of-makes-sense move, struggling chip-maker Intel has decided to delve into the TV world by creating a set-top box containing an HD camera and microphone for various "novel applications." Intel expects to provide various live and on-demand content, as well as re-inventing the wheel by changing the way people search for content.

How will they do this, and where will they get the content from? Unfortunately, we don't know...and apparently neither does Intel. Erik Hugger, head of newly-created Intel Media has stated that "negotiations [with content providers] are in process, but provided no details."

Is this a last-ditch effort for the company to re-invent itself before everything hits the fan? Perhaps, but either way, it'll be one of those things that will be interesting to follow as it develops."

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Intel to Launch Paid WebTV Set-Top Box Experience

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