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+ - Ask Slashdot: Mac to Linux Return Flow? 1

Submitted by jasnw
jasnw (1913892) writes "I'm one of apparently many people who moved to OS X from Linux in the early/mid 2000s for their desktop system, keeping Linux boxes around for the heavy lifting and server work. I may also be part of a large segment of that group now considering a return because of all the iOS-ification of OS X, despite the fact that the Linux desktop still falls short in the "it just works" area. I'm pissed enough at Apple, and wary enough of Linux, that I might just go to using Windows 7 for the desktop (not Win8, however). What is the feeling/experience of other "traitors" who run OS X for the desktop and Linux for everything else?"
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Ask Slashdot: Mac to Linux Return Flow?

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  • I've used Linux since 1994, and was on SunOS before that so I was very pleased when Mac OS X came out because I could stop using the shabby PC hardware to run Linux and go for an OS that would support all the hardware without fiddling. There were some things that Apple made difficult in the early days (X11, terminals, that sort of thing) but over time, they embraced the UNIX underpinnings and OS X became comfortable to use. I did recently (over the last two years) experiment with having a Windows 7 deskto

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