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+ - Navy won't investigate nuclear contamination at San Francisco's Treasure Island->

Submitted by Lasrick
Lasrick (2629253) writes ""The Center for Investigative Reporting spent a year investigating whether San Francisco's Treasure Island is contaminated with radioactive material left over from the decades the island was a naval base. Treasure Island is being transferred into civilian hands, and the city of San Francisco has plans to turn it into a 'second downtown.' Despite the fact that radioactive debris has been found around the island, the Navy refuses to conduct testing that might show whether radiation cleanup should be started before development begins, Independent testing by CIR and others has found high levels of cesium 137 and other radioactive substances at several spots on the island, and by examining unclassified military documents, CIR has found that the history of the nuclear work done at Treasure Island and the lack of safety protocols at the time mean the contamination is most likely wide-spread. Complaints by current residents has only resulted in bureaucratic infighting among state health departments and the Navy. Scary stuff. Has an accompanying multimedia show and a great primer on the history of military nuclear waste.""
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Navy won't investigate nuclear contamination at San Francisco's Treasure Island

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