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+ - Google to replace GTK+ with its own Aura in Chrome-> 1

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Google‘s Chromium team is working on an alternative of Gtk+ for the browser called Aura. Elliot Glaysher, a Google developer explains, “We aim to launch the Aura graphics stack on Linux in M35. Aura is a cross-platform graphics system, and the Aura frontend will replace the current GTK+ frontend.” Free Software community is debating is Google trying to do Canonical? Couldn't Google just switch to Qt which is becoming an industry standard?"
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Google to replace GTK+ with its own Aura in Chrome

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  • This reminds me that some early AT&T/Samstung phones did not
    ever take advantage of the GPU. Some phones do not use
    multi core hardware well if at all.... there are many places
    where the hardware capabilities far exceed software development
    and battery life.

    The dumbest choice I see hardware vendors of smart devices
    is battery life. A device with a dead battery is not even a
    good paperweight.

    Those that care about user experience need to control this stuff.
    It seems that Google is making it clear at man