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Monday March 16, 2015 @12:00PM World's Most Powerful Laser Diode Arrays Deployed
Monday March 16, 2015 @11:30AM Laser Imaging Drone To Hunt Out Unexploded Bombs In War-Torn Nations
Wednesday January 28, 2015 @01:43PM Nobel Laureate and Laser Inventor Charles Townes Passes
Friday January 02, 2015 @12:07PM Zapping drones with laser
Monday December 22, 2014 @02:03AM Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic
Wednesday December 10, 2014 @04:22PM US Navy Authorizes Use of Laser In Combat
Monday September 15, 2014 @11:45AM How Governments Are Getting Around the UN's Ban On Blinding Laser Weapons
Sunday August 17, 2014 @09:45AM Scientists Record Quantum Behavior of Electrons Via Laser Lights
Friday July 11, 2014 @05:58PM DARPA Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Bullets
Sunday June 29, 2014 @01:41PM Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing
Friday June 20, 2014 @11:29AM Public Interest In Great White Shark Devours Research Site's Servers
Tuesday February 11, 2014 @02:18PM FBI: $10,000 Reward For Info On Anyone Who Points a Laser At an Aircraft
Sunday January 05, 2014 @03:00PM CES: Laser Headlights Edge Closer To Real-World Highways
Saturday December 28, 2013 @11:03AM NASA's LLCD Tests Confirm Laser Communication Capabilities In Space
Thursday October 24, 2013 @12:42PM The Fascinating Science Behind Beer Foam
Sunday September 29, 2013 @08:52AM New Real Life Laser-Rifle Cuts Through Metal Like a Blowtorch
Sunday September 29, 2013 @05:41AM New Real Life Laser-Rifle Cuts Through Metal Like A Blowtorch
Thursday July 18, 2013 @01:32PM Bell Labs Break Record With 31Tbps Via a Single 7200km Optical Fibre
Monday April 08, 2013 @04:15PM Navy To Deploy Lasers On Ship In 2014
Tuesday March 26, 2013 @10:39AM Man Who Pointed Laser At Aircraft Gets 30-Month Sentence
Saturday February 16, 2013 @02:39AM California Professors Unveil Proposal To Attack Asteroids With Lasers
Saturday January 26, 2013 @09:05AM It's finally happening, laser turrets in our fighter jets!
Thursday January 17, 2013 @10:38PM NASA Beams Mona Lisa to the Moon
Tuesday January 08, 2013 @04:09AM German Laser Destroys Targets More Than 1Km Away
Monday January 07, 2013 @01:02PM German Laser Destroys Targets More Than 1Km Away
Monday December 10, 2012 @02:14PM Laser Prototype Improves Bomb Detection
Monday November 19, 2012 @10:44AM EU Working On Most Powerful Laser Ever Built
Sunday November 18, 2012 @03:15PM Deathstar! Europe Building Most Powerful Laser Ever Built
Wednesday November 07, 2012 @12:12PM Researchers Create Working Nano Laser
Wednesday October 24, 2012 @09:36AM US Navy to have laser weapons in 2 years
Saturday October 06, 2012 @04:18PM Laser Strikes On Aircraft Becoming Epidemic
Saturday October 06, 2012 @03:48PM Laser strikes on aircraft becoming epidemic.
Thursday September 20, 2012 @09:00AM Ultra-Powerful Laser To Be Built In Romania
Sunday September 16, 2012 @03:18PM Quantum Key Exchange With an Airplane
Friday September 07, 2012 @07:35AM Florida Researchers Create Shortest Light Pulse Ever Recorded
Wednesday September 05, 2012 @01:17AM World Record Light Pulse Recorded
Sunday August 19, 2012 @07:37PM Curiosity Rover Fires First Laser Beam At Martian Rock
Saturday August 18, 2012 @10:20AM Mars Curiosity Rover's First Road Trip Planned
Wednesday August 15, 2012 @02:55PM After 60 years, a room-temperature maser
Monday July 16, 2012 @12:17PM Record Setting 500 Trillion-Watt Laser Shot Achieved
Monday July 16, 2012 @04:45AM Record-setting 500 trillion-watt laser shot achieved
Tuesday July 10, 2012 @11:48AM Nanotech Surprise: Shooting Lasers at Buckyballs Makes Them Bigger
Thursday June 28, 2012 @02:43PM A Maker Space Favorite: Using a Laser Cutter (Video)
Saturday June 23, 2012 @12:10PM Laser Treatment For Earth-Bound Asteroids
Saturday June 23, 2012 @11:57AM Laser Treatment for Earth-bound Asteroids
Friday May 25, 2012 @03:18AM Bessel beam "tractor beam" concept theoretically demonstrated
Thursday May 03, 2012 @07:01AM Finally, a Shark With a Laser Attached To Its Head
Wednesday May 02, 2012 @08:49PM 1Gbps Wireless Network Made With Red and Green Laser Pointers
Wednesday May 02, 2012 @12:10PM 1Gbps wireless network made with red and green laser pointers
Wednesday May 02, 2012 @05:55AM Finally, a Shark With a Laser Attached To Its Head
Sunday April 01, 2012 @11:33AM Navy Planning To Build Laser Cannon In Four Years
Saturday March 31, 2012 @07:49PM Navy Planning to Build Laser Cannon in Four Years
Wednesday March 28, 2012 @04:40PM Engineers Working On Swarm Of Laser Wielding Satellites To Deflect Asteroids
Tuesday February 14, 2012 @09:15AM Laser Scanner May Allow Passengers To Take Bottled Drinks On Planes Again
Tuesday February 14, 2012 @03:31AM Laser scanner may allow passengers to take bottled drinks on planes again
Tuesday January 31, 2012 @02:54AM World's most powerful X-ray laser recreates condit
Friday October 28, 2011 @07:10AM FAA Goes To the Web To Fight Laser-Pointing
Saturday September 24, 2011 @03:52PM Nanoscale nonlinear light source
Tuesday September 20, 2011 @07:41PM NASA Looking To Refuel Spaceships Via Lasers
Wednesday September 07, 2011 @02:58AM Wicked Lasers Introduces Handheld One-Watt Green Laser
Wednesday September 07, 2011 @02:48AM BMW Working On Laser Headlamps
Tuesday September 06, 2011 @11:32AM Wicked Lasers Sells One-Watt Green Laser
Tuesday September 06, 2011 @10:23AM BMW working on laser headlamps
Wednesday August 10, 2011 @03:35PM Military Working On Laser Powered Drones
Saturday July 16, 2011 @01:28AM A High-Bandwidth Interplanetary Connection
Monday June 13, 2011 @09:42AM Biological Lasers
Thursday June 02, 2011 @01:55PM AC/DC Music Attracts Great White Sharks
Sunday March 13, 2011 @10:24PM Laser Scribing Promises More Efficient Solar Cells
Sunday March 13, 2011 @09:59PM Laser scribing promises more efficient solar cells
Friday February 18, 2011 @06:21PM Navy Breaks World Record With Futuristic Free-Elec
Thursday February 17, 2011 @09:58PM Scientists Invent World's First Anti-Laser
Thursday February 17, 2011 @03:55PM Scientists Invent World's First Anti-Laser
Thursday February 10, 2011 @12:24PM First-of-its-Kind Hard X-ray Free-Electron Laser Images Intact Viruses
Sunday January 30, 2011 @08:32PM Remote sniffing air laser technology developed
Tuesday January 11, 2011 @05:33PM New Laser Makes Pirates Wish They Wore Eye-Patches
Friday November 19, 2010 @08:30AM Laser Camera Can See Around Corners
Saturday October 30, 2010 @07:17AM UAV Helicopter Flies 12 Hours Charged By Laser
Friday October 08, 2010 @06:15PM Pioneer Preps Laser Heads-Up Display For Cars
Thursday September 23, 2010 @04:15PM Scientists Using Lasers To Cool Molecules
Saturday September 18, 2010 @12:55AM A Portable Laser Backpack For 3D Mapping
Thursday September 16, 2010 @02:47PM A portable, laser backpack for 3D mapping
Thursday September 09, 2010 @05:26PM Researchers Create Real Tractor Beams
Monday August 30, 2010 @02:47AM Hackers Eavesdrop On Quantum Crypto With Lasers
Thursday August 26, 2010 @02:42PM Grad Student Invents Cheap Laser Cutter
Wednesday August 18, 2010 @08:13PM Inside the Lab of One of the World's Last Holographers
Wednesday August 18, 2010 @12:49PM Dr. Laser: One of the World's Last Holographers
Tuesday July 27, 2010 @02:59PM Intel successfully trials 50Gb/sec photonics link
Thursday July 22, 2010 @06:29PM Sony's Blue-Violet Laser the Future Blu-ray?
Wednesday July 21, 2010 @11:59PM Sony's blue-violet laser the future Blu-ray?
Thursday July 15, 2010 @07:57PM Aussie Lasers To Stop Satellite Collisions, Death
Thursday July 15, 2010 @07:46PM Aussie Lasers Stop Satellite Collisions, Death
Tuesday June 15, 2010 @06:35AM Set Free Your Inner Jedi (Or Pyro)
Friday May 07, 2010 @09:06AM Air Force Treating Wounds With Lasers and Nanotech
Friday February 12, 2010 @09:50AM Directed Energy Weapon Downs Ballistic Missile
Friday January 29, 2010 @09:30AM Laser Fusion Passes Major Hurdle
Thursday January 28, 2010 @06:39PM Laser Fusion Passes Major Hurdle
Saturday January 16, 2010 @08:14AM Using EMP To Punch Holes In Steel
Friday December 04, 2009 @12:59AM What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?
Tuesday November 17, 2009 @05:15PM The Jet Fighter Laser Cannon
Tuesday November 17, 2009 @04:17PM Jet-fighter raygun soon, sharks next.
Wednesday March 11, 2009 @02:24PM Using Lasers and Water Guns To Clean Space Debris
Wednesday February 11, 2009 @11:28PM The Tech Behind Preventing Airplane Bird Strikes
Saturday November 15, 2008 @06:04AM Northrop Grumman Markets Weaponized Laser System
Tuesday October 07, 2008 @08:41AM Sanyo Invents 12X High-Speed Blu-ray Laser
Monday April 21, 2008 @04:27AM Laser Pointers Classed as Weapons in Australia
Wednesday April 09, 2008 @12:30PM The Texas Petawatt Laser
Thursday March 13, 2008 @11:23AM Israelis Sue Government For Laser Cannons
Friday February 01, 2008 @06:23PM Femtosecond Lasers Used To Color Metals
Thursday November 08, 2007 @06:41AM Is a Laser Data Link 1.5 Million Kilometers Feasible?
Friday November 02, 2007 @09:28AM How To Turn a Mini Maglite Into a Laser
Thursday November 01, 2007 @05:06PM Femtosecond Laser Shatters Viruses
Thursday September 06, 2007 @04:14PM Detecting Cancer Without Drawing Blood
Friday August 10, 2007 @11:06PM Gouge Found on Shuttle Endeavour's Underside
Sunday June 24, 2007 @09:28AM Laser Turns All Metals Black
Thursday April 12, 2007 @12:41AM Researchers Chill Mirror to Near Absolute Zero
Sunday February 25, 2007 @11:21AM 67-Kilowatt Laser Unveiled
Monday February 19, 2007 @09:44AM Lakes Found Under Antarctic Ice Using Space Lasers
Thursday January 18, 2007 @01:56PM Anti-Missile Defenses For Commercial Jets
Wednesday December 13, 2006 @10:47AM Open Source Laser Business Opens In New York
Thursday November 16, 2006 @05:45AM Big Freakin' Laser Beams In Space
Monday November 13, 2006 @09:24PM Blu-ray Laser Gadget
Wednesday October 11, 2006 @12:31PM Laser TV — the Death of Plasma?
Thursday September 28, 2006 @07:54PM Chinese Lasers Blind US Satelites
Thursday July 20, 2006 @02:52AM 'Laser Tweezers' Used to Sort Atoms
Saturday July 15, 2006 @08:31AM Catching Photons Coming from the Moon
Thursday July 13, 2006 @12:58PM Northrop to Sell Laser Shield Bubble for Airports
Tuesday June 20, 2006 @08:43PM The U.S. Navy's Doctrine of Laser Eye Surgery
Saturday June 03, 2006 @08:48AM Centrifuge May Be Superseded by Laser Enrichment
Thursday May 04, 2006 @01:33PM U.S. Considers Anti-Satellite Laser
Wednesday April 19, 2006 @06:42PM Paint-on Laser Brings Optical Computing Closer
Wednesday April 12, 2006 @07:42PM Sci-Fi Weapons to Join US Arsenal?
Thursday March 02, 2006 @12:51PM Stealth Sharks to Patrol the High Seas
Thursday March 02, 2006 @10:13AM NASA to Start Helping Detectives

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