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NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA Altered In Space
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NASA's Scott Kelly who spent a year in space now has a different DNA from his twin brother. In a recent interview, the 54-year old former astronaut reacted to the changes he has gone through during his stay in extreme conditions of space. Get the Free ...
NASA astronaut who spent a year in space now has different DNA to twin brotherDaily Star
NASA astronaut who spent a year in space now has different DNA from his twinYahoo News
NASA Twin Study Results: Astronaut Scott Kelly Reacted To News Of How His DNA ChangedThe Inquisitr
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Chinese Police Begin Tracking Citizens With Face-Recognizing Smart Glasses (reuters.com) 112

An anonymous reader quotes Reuters: At a highway check point on the outskirts of Beijing, local police are this week testing out a new security tool: smart glasses that can pick up facial features and car registration plates, and match them in real-time with a database of suspects. The AI-powered glasses, made by LLVision, scan the faces of vehicle occupants and the plates, flagging with a red box and warning sign to the wearer when any match up with a centralized "blacklist".

The test -- which coincides with the annual meeting of China's parliament in central Beijing -- underscores a major push by China's leaders to leverage technology to boost security in the country... Wu Fei, chief executive of LLVision, said people should not be worried about privacy concerns because China's authorities were using the equipment for "noble causes", catching suspects and fugitives from the law. "We trust the government," he told Reuters at the company's headquarters in Beijing.

This weekend while China's President Xi Jinping is expected to push through a reform allowing him to stay in power indefinitely, Reuters reports that the Chinese goverment is pushing the use of cutting-edge technology "to track and control behavior that goes against the interests of the ruling Communist Party online and in the wider world... A key concern is that blacklists could include a wide range of people stretching from lawyers and artists to political dissidents, charity workers, journalists and rights activists...

"The new technologies range from police robots for crowd control, to drones to monitor border areas, and artificially intelligent systems to track and censor behavior online," Reuters reports, citing one Hong Kong researcher who argues that China now sees internet and communication technologies "as absolutely indispensable tools of social and political control."

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Which Carrier Should You Choose for the Galaxy S9?
Tom's Guide
You're not hurting for choices for wireless carriers to use with Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and S9+. While some phones still launch as exclusives for specific networks and others hit the market only as unlocked devices, the Galaxy S line has historically ...
Initial pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly down compared to Galaxy S8 salesAppleInsider (press release) (blog)
Samsung Galaxy S9 teardown helps explain its camera tricksEngadget
Galaxy Note 9 Specs And Features: What We Know So FarValueWalk
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ronaldshorts97 writes: Sell services or products for others and make a payment on your sales. You can even begin seeing instagram followers today or Buy Instagram Followers for your profile. This works fantastic if you have restricted time to service your company as well as should spend a lot of your time promoting. This option could be just as successful as having your very own home based business without the several frustrations of service monitoring.Kinds Of Business Opportunities when Selling for OthersInstagram marketing is one more much-needed field that's commonly disregarded by mainstream firms. There are company opportunities today that enable you to promote tech assistance solutions to the general public and also get a healthy and balanced payment. The technology support solutions are all given by the
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Comment Trains: Yesterday's answer to tomorrow's problems (Score 1) 269

Trains are obsolete for the US. The future is automated, convoyed electric automobiles driving at 120+ mph. And that future will be here before the CA bullet train. The technology's inevitable, just a matter of time.

Going, say, from LAX to SFO is 380 miles, so call it 3.25 hrs @ 120 mph, realistically 3.5 - 4.0 to allow for slower urban traffic at each end. Faster in the future as the tech improves. Hell, we already drive 80 - 85 on that stretch of road most of the time.

Cars convoying almost bumper-to-bumper can be impressively energy efficient, especially electric ones, and they don't travel when they're empty. Vehicle efficiency just keeps going up and up. Speaking of schedules, individual cars don't have 'em. They leave when it's convenient for you and run door to door. Don't have a car? Take a 120 mph convoying bus, Uber, or Uber Pool.

Look at the numbers: trains aren't that energy-efficient per passenger mile IRL since they don't usually run full. They're also a very inefficient way to use land if you don't happen to already own the rights of way. Trains have high recurring costs: they require crew, people at the stations, management, sales & marketing, parking, their own dedicated maintenance operation, etc, etc. Maintaining RRs is very expensive, especially to bullet-train standards.

We already have the real estate to do convoying. A reserved lane on the I-5 would do the trick. We already pay to maintain that road quite nicely, so no extra recurring cost there. If you want to get fancy, widen the I-5 to add a special lane for convoyed vehicles for pennies on the dollar we're spending for the bullet train.

Which would you prefer? i) Sit down in your autonomous car, work or sleep *uninterrupted* for 3 - 4 hours and you're there, or ii) Shop for dececently-priced tickets, drive to station stressed because you're late as usual, go thru security, hang around waiting room, board the train and find a place, work or sleep for a while, find transportation to your final destination. Don't forget, you're messing with your luggage the whole while.

We're going to end up implementing this, train or no train, if only to relieve commuter-traffic congestion. It's just a matter of time. Seeing as bullet-trains are 50-year investments, does this train make any sense at this stage of technology?

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Samsung Galaxy S9 teardown helps explain its camera tricks - Engadget (google.com)


Samsung Galaxy S9 teardown helps explain its camera tricks
Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ revolve around their camera features, but some of the hardware functionality behind them has been a little mysterious. The picture is a little clearer, however, as iFixit has torn down the S9+ and provided a better look at ...
Initial pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly down compared to Galaxy S8 salesAppleInsider (press release) (blog)
Which Carrier Should You Choose for the Galaxy S9?Tom's Guide
Galaxy Note 9 Specs And Features: What We Know So FarValueWalk
CNET-Tech Times-Android Central-9to5Google
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Comment An epic failure in science journalism (Score 3, Interesting) 313

Dear Slashdot Community,

Some 11 years ago, I watched a curious thing happen in the comments of a Slashdot article, and it would forever change my life. I watched on as members of the tech community labeled as pseudoscience the simple idea that electricity can travel through space over plasma (and actually do stuff of importance at the largest observable scales). Since that day, I have systematically tracked this electricity in space debate, and I have come to view the reporting on this topic as the greatest science journalism failure of our time.

To review, a plasma is just a gas with some percentage of unbound charged particles. We call it plasma, rather than gas, because it observably behaves differently. With less than even just 1% ionization, the ionospheric gas is observed to respond to electromagnetic fields. In the laboratory, plasmas can form into very complex structures like filaments. These filaments exhibit a long-range attraction and short-range repulsion with one another, which causes them to pair up without combining. Careful inspection of a novelty plasma globe will reveal that the filaments will tend to separate when they come into contact with the glass. The filaments can also link up with one another into very complex networks. All of this complexity is rather remarkable given that we are just talking about the "fourth" state of matter.

Now, let's review the current state of this electricity in space debate as it should be reported by science journalists.

1. It is not widely known, but definitely a fact that proper galactic rotation curves were simulated in the early 80's on government supercomputers by one of the world's leading plasma physicists, without the need for any dark matter. The reason that the arms appear to rotate as almost fixed plates, in this view, is that they are conducting electrical currents.

Galactic expert, Tim Thompson, has claimed that Peratt's decision to publish in IEEE was an attempt to avoid scrutiny. He admitted that no galactic researcher has ever read IEEE and they wouldn't know that the journal even exists (it's the largest technical organization in the world); and Thompson even went so far as to advise that galactic researchers intentionally avoid reading IEEE. You can see an annotated snapshot of his online forum post here.

2. We have been left with the impression that the CMB can only be explained as a remnant of the Big Bang expansion. This is simply not true:

That quote comes from one of the world's leading plasma physicists, Anthony L. Peratt (Physics of the Plasma Universe, Second Edition, 2015, p.33-34.) Peratt would go on to publish a paper revealing more than a hundred local hydrogen filament structures which he claimed correlate with structures in the WMAP cosmic microwave background.

It would seem that people are not yet connecting the dots here between these recent admissions by astrophysicists that large-scale electric currents are real, and this faint microwave fog that is apparently coming at us from all directions. There is, without a doubt, more than one way to explain this cosmic microwave background; but you'd never know this from the science journalism.

3. There is one sure-fire way to get yourself blocked or ridiculed online: mention the "Electric Universe". But what is really so crazy about their pitch? Is it possible to have a calm discussion about these claims? What they are arguing for is that we should model space plasmas as electrical conductors rather than fluids -- as has traditionally been done. Plasmas in the laboratory are clearly electrical conductors which can hold electric fields. But magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) models in a general sense have historically treated the plasmas as a fluid that is incapable of holding an electric field. There have been critics of this approach "from the beginning of the space era."

Having discussed this subject with literally hundreds of people over the years, my impression is that there has been a rush to judgment which has obscured the reality of the electricity in space debate. The Electric Universe is commonly said to have been "disproven", yet what I notice is that very few people are systematically documenting and tracking the debate. There have truthfully been a number of very important vindications -- one of which happened just a few months ago.

In 2015, one of the Thunderbolts Group's theorists, Don Scott, presented a mathematical analysis of what he expected electricity in space to look like.

Perhaps the most unusual feature for these Birkeland currents is that they should exhibit multiple concentric cylinders of charge. A December 2017 paper titled "The jets of AGN as giant co-axial cables" reports that a significant number of black hole jets have been observed to exhibit concentric cylinders (AGN = active galactic nucleus). It would seem to be a remarkable vindication for the Electric Universe idea, but not a single science journalist reported it as such. And in fact, I was recently blocked from Ethan Siegal's Twitter feed for trying to persuade him to recognize this observation as a vindication for the Electric Universe group. What does it mean that there is so much hostility directed at this group? What is really so controversial about this simple idea that electricity can travel through space over plasma? It's what plasmas are observed to do in the laboratory.

4. In 2015, the ESA published another stunning vindication for the notion of a universe where electricity does things of importance: Contrary to the textbook explanations that stars are forming due to gravitational collapse, a large group of stars were observed forming all at once along branching filaments.. The image would seem to plainly implicate star formation as a consequence of a high-intensity electrical discharge, but not a single mainstream science journalist has reported on the obvious likeness to a terrestrial lightning bolt.

In the ESA's remarkable article describing these observations, they point out that

"Observations with ESA's Herschel space observatory have revealed that our Galaxy is threaded with filamentary structures on every length scale. From nearby clouds hosting tangles of filaments a few light-years long to gigantic structures stretching hundreds of light-years across the Milky Way's spiral arms, they appear to be truly ubiquitous. The Herschel data have rekindled the interest of astronomers in studying filaments, emphasising [sic] the crucial role of these structures in the process of star formation."

These astronomers noted that they observed accretion of matter along the length of the filaments which were forming into stars, so it would seem that the textbook geometry from star formation has the wrong geometry, and should cause people to stop and wonder if the radial force of gravity can be the cause for this accretion. What appears to not be widely understood, probably even amongst the astronomers making the observations, is that there is a term in the plasma laboratory for accretion along plasma filaments; it's called Marklund convection.

Not a single mainstream science journalist would inform the public that filaments have always been a crucial aspect of attempts to construct an electrical cosmology, and plasmas are admitted by a number of scientists to scale over enormous magnitudes.

5. Part of the confusion associated with this topic of electricity in space comes from the remarkably aggressive and successful efforts to have the Electric Universe theory removed from wikipedia.. Imagine that: The idea that we might model cosmic plasmas as laboratory plasmas -- rather than fluids -- is so heretical that the idea was completely scrubbed from wikipedia. A member of the public, Ian Tresman, had to construct a wiki dedicated to the subject, in order to help fill the information gap -- but probably many wikipedia users are unaware of this separate site. Ian shows how science journalists should be reporting on these topics: Anybody who visits the site will observe that the claims surrounding electricity in space are in fact backed by numerous scientific papers.

6. One of the most important lessons I have learned from studying this debate is that there are many stories related to the space sciences which are in a sense "rated X". What I mean by that is that they leave the reader with a lesson which many people apparently find awkward -- and so these stories are only on extremely rare circumstances told by academics or science journalists.

Take, for example, Hannes Alfven's 1970 Nobel acceptance speech for his creation of magnetohydrodynamics. What is remarkable about this speech, if you actually read it, is that he distances himself from the way in which the astrophysical community has been using MHD. It would seem to be a very important detail which graduate students who are trained in these topics should probably know about, but there's not really much reason to believe that the students are being informed of it.

In fact, I've only seen the story correctly told in one place., and the author is very much a maverick outsider.

7. Another remarkable X-rated story relates to the mistaken view at the turn of the century that interstellar space is basically empty. The part about this which is especially out-of-bounds in the world of science journalism is the straightforward fact that all of our most popular space sciences theories today were devised long before we ever actually went to space. It wasn't until 1958 that the first instrumented rockets were taken to space, and what they found which surprised them is that space is not at all empty: In fact, there are charged particles zipping around the Earth. Recall that Einstein died in 1955 -- so he never had a chance to even know.

A remarkable 1963 Popular Science article plainly states at the top of page 76 in big bold letters:

"'Space' was invented on Earth before we knew what was out there"

The article features an interview with James van Allen, who clearly acknowledges the mistaken assumption:

"I found Dr. Van Allen in Boston, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was conferring with other space scientists. That evening, over dinner, I asked him about newly discovered phenomena of 'empty' space. 'Most people still think of space as a cold, black vacuum,' I said. 'Is it true that scientists shared this misconception until very recently?'

'Most scientists did think of space as a barren waste,' he said. 'When we started getting real information, it was quite a revelation.'"

8. Another epic failure of the science journalists on these topics is their consistent failure to mention that, of the matter which we can see, it is almost entirely in the plasma state. Ian Tresman has documented numerous examples like the one which follows on his site:

There is this awkward tradition in the astrophysics and plasma physics domains where theorists tend to very briefly mention plasma's observational dominance in their introductory chapters, and then proceed to model the cosmic plasma as a fluid. If it is really true that more than 99% of what we see with telescopes is matter in the plasma state, then surely details about how we model it must be a crucial aspect of our conversations about the universe's dynamics. Yet, I've never seen a single mainstream science journalist ask these obvious questions.

9. There has been a tradition of bias against electricity in space which began when Sydney Chapman aggressively attacked Kristian Birkeland's claim that the aurora is caused by the Sun. Birkeland of course won that debate, but even after the public came to recognize that Chapman was wrong, Chapman continued to trash Birkeland's work. It would seem that the bias against electricity in space began a full century ago.

There have also been some interesting rumors in recent years on the subject of Sydney Chapman:

"In 2010, I received a paper that was eventually published as Akasofu (2011). One paragraph in the original draft text quoted Chapman on the field aligned current issue. Akasofu withdrew the remarks from the published version. It is probably worth giving Chapman (through Akasofu) the final word: 'Chapman mentioned in his letter to me on 13 April 1969, 'the history of studies of geomagnetic disturbances is a tangled skein,' and he continued '-- but I did overlook something (a three-dimensional current system, the author's insertion) to which I was blind and they (Birkeland and Alfven, the author's insertion) saw. Perhaps people listened too much to me --.'' This sounds to me like Chapman speaking."

10. The astrophysical community has been using unnecessarily confusing jargon to describe electricity in space. They call Birkeland currents "magnetic ropes" or "flux transfer events", and they refer to extremely long hydrogen filaments as "clouds". Radio astronomer, Gerrit Verschuur, has adopted a practice of placing quote marks around the term "cloud". Verschuur has also observed critical ionization velocities associated with these filaments. CIV's are what happens when a charged particle is slammed into a neutral at sufficient velocity to ionize it. CIV's for all of the universe's most common elements have been observed -- which you would think would help to establish this as a slam-dunk case that these HI filaments are actually electric currents. But since the instrument is tuned to detect neutral HI, critics tend to seize on this as somehow proof that these neutral filaments are not created by electricity. Verschuur explains in great detail in his many papers on the subject why the center of the filamentary current must involve neutral matter., but it does not seem that the critics have listened.

I want to be clear that it is of course impossible to explain everything you need to know about this debate in just one comment, so my intent here is to persuade people to simply reopen their minds on this topic of electricity in space. The theorists (Wal Thornhill, Don Scott, Dave Talbott and others) have generally made themselves accessible to the public. Rather than a rush to judgment, what we should be doing is documenting and tracking this debate over time, without all of the pseudoscience labeling, dismissals or ridicule. The Electric Universe has certainly not been "disproven". For those of us who have been following the issue, we can clearly see that there is something important to all of this. But, you would never know this from the science journalism.

Comment Re: If we don't do it soon, then never. (Score 1) 212

First, you look very much through the eyes if an US citizen. There is and will be middle class in other countries, e.g., France, Denmark, Germany and even China. Second, if you are a home owner, you often have a family and cannot throw away $150k. Third, a goal of Elon Musk is not the same as an actual flying device which can keep the price promise. Especially most of the tech necessary does not exist. Until now he has used existing tech and technology concepts which have been evaluated for decades. This is something different than going for real new technology. Don't get me wrong. His achievements are impressive, but even with that rate we are not going to Mars in the next 50 years. Not to your price tag.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: This iPhone case turns your phone into a working Game Boy - The Verge (google.com)

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This iPhone case turns your phone into a working Game Boy
The Verge
Another Game Boy case for your phone has popped up on the market, this time from Wanle Cases. The slim case, which snaps onto the back of an iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, or X, comes loaded with 10 games and has the familiar Game Boy ...
GeekDad Daily Deal: The Wanle Gamers Console for iPhoneGeekDad (blog)
This new iPhone case transforms your phone into a functioning Game BoyJOE.co.uk
This Case Turns Your iPhone into a Classic Gaming ConsoleInteresting Engineering

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Comment Scale ; Economics (Score 1) 170

"2. Nuclear fusion will come next. It is just an engineering problem."

Funny how in the previous half-century we managed to solve every other "engineering problem", we weren't able to solve that one.

"It's just an engineering problem" == the science around it is basically understood. We don't need to discover or develop new science (as opposed to true anti-grav hover boards). But it is a ginormous project that will take decades just to build.

To take a space race metaphor : Once Sputnik is in orbit, it doesn't take a long strecht of imagination to think that humanity will also manage to put people on the Moon or built a giant international space station. But from the Sputnik point in time to the modern day's ISS, it took a ginormous amount to resources, money, time and engineering.

The 15 years time frame touted by the project is probably over-optimistic. But hey, we live in the "startup / kickstarter / etc." era. Where over promizing is an absolutely necessary first step to attract the attention of money sources.

We don't even have the Concorde anymore, how come that solved problem isn't even part of the landscape any more?

Solved problem/working solution DOES NOT mean "makes sense economically".
Concorde for most of its life was a vanity project that never manage to make sens economically and look a long-term sustainable project.
And that's even before the modern ultra-connected world removed even more of the few corner cases where Concorde might have been useful.
(Basically, Skype killed the need to have business man able to cross the world within hours - and these 3 business men where the only out of all passengers that actually had a practical use of Concord)
(Though nowadays, if it was still around, Concorde might successfully be marketed as an "exclusive" experience to a few ultra-rich 1%er with way too much money in their pockets).

In other words, all the /. who currently heavily criticize the economical sustainability of Tesla/Uber/etc.
would probably thing that those are still perfectly long-term stable plans compared to Concord.

Fusion, like space colonies, is a fantasy for weak-minded tech nerds looking for a religious experience to come from technology.

Space colonies are technically feasible and limited to engineering. But such a vast problem requiring so many resources compared to potential use now, that nobody is ever going to thow the necessary money at it. You would need dozens of government putting all their resources together for a century or two to even hope boot strapping it. (Or the US divert a few percent of your war budget :-P )

It's basically a project on the same scale as the colonization of the world by the big maritime empires, except back then the empire were having high hopes to gain riches, whereas there aren't much economic incentives to invest into space colonization now. Vague hopes of mining helium 3 on the moon do not sound a credible enough excuse to lock major part of the budget of dozens of government over the next couple of centuries.

And scientific discoveries aren't a good enough incentive. It's currently way cheaper to send probes and robot to explore instead of the costly and complex project of putting humans in person there.

Sorry, Bill. You won't see commercial fusion power, asteroid mining, or space colonies.

Well it's not clear when fusion will make sense economically - might take 40 years, might take a century - or might end up not making sense at all.

But the current big project like ITER, are currently done for the sake of science, as well as vanity project to show off engineering capabilites and try to learn useful stuff out of it.

We might manage to get something out of ITER - at least learn a lot - though it might take a lot more resource and time than initially planned.

TFA's startup ? well... I wouldn't hold my breath.

Comment Re:Fusion likely uneconomical vs. alternatives (Score 1) 170

For a scathing commentary on fusion and why it may never be commercially viable, read "The Trouble with Fusion" by Lidsky (1985 MIT Tech Review Article).


IIRC he was in charge of MIT's fusion program and got booted for this article and his views. He's absolutely correct though. We need to rethink our approach and tokamaks may never compete with fission.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Despite frequent criticism, the Israeli ad-tech company Taboola's revenue is sky

Despite absorbing its fair share of criticism, the content-recommendation platform Taboola has continued to grow. The ad-tech company, which uses widgets to place links on publisher websites to articles, videos, and products, is projecting over $1 billion in revenue in 2018. It also reached nearly half of the world s desktop internet users in December (43.6%), Continue reading Despite frequent criticism, the Israeli ad-tech company Taboola s revenue is skyrocketing http://community.office365c

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 212

the "...and back" part is the hard part with today's tech -- Mars' gravity well is MUCH larger than the moon's, and they'd need MUCH more fuel to reach orbit again. It's a one-way trip for the foreseeable future.

There is a significant chance that whoever becomes the first person to walk on mars will also be the first person to die on mars, or at least will need to wait decades before a return trip becomes feasible.

Lawmakers Continue Fighting For Net Neutrality in the US Senate, Courts, and States (cnet.com) 57

Here's the latest developments in the ongoing fight over net neutrality rules:
  • CNET reports that Democrats in the Senate "have been pushing to use the Congressional Review Act to roll back the FCC's repeal of net neutrality rules. They've gotten the support of 50 senators for the measure, including one Republican, Susan Collins of Maine. Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana , who's been undecided in his support of the CRA bill, was being courted by Democrats as the tie-breaking vote to pass the measure in the Senate...

    "On Wednesday, Kennedy introduced a piece of legislation that would ban companies like AT&T and Comcast from slowing down or blocking access to websites or internet services. But the bill wouldn't prevent these broadband and wireless companies from offering paid prioritization, which many critics fear could lead to so-called internet 'fast lanes.'"
  • The Associated Press reports that on Monday, Washington became the first state to set up its own net-neutrality requirements. But they add that governors in five states -- Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Montana and Vermont -- "have signed executive orders related to net-neutrality issues, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Montana's order, for instance, bars telecommunications companies from receiving state contracts if they interfere with internet traffic or favor higher-paying sites or apps."

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Super Smash Bros. Switch Releases In 2018, Nintendo Direct Reveals - GameSpot (google.com)


Super Smash Bros. Switch Releases In 2018, Nintendo Direct Reveals
Nintendo teased that its Nintendo Direct event for March 2018 was done before sharing one last thing. It turned out to be the biggest and best news of all: Super Smash Bros. is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. And that's not all, as you won't have ...
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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch is Probably a New GameIGN
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: 20 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. Switch - GameSpot (google.com)


20 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. Switch
Nintendo's latest Direct yielded a exciting announcement: Super Smash Bros. is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. And that's not all; the game is coming in 2018. Naturally, this has us pretty excited, and we're already speculating which characters ...
Why 'Super Smash Bros.' on the Nintendo Switch is a big dealGeekWire
Super Smash Bros. director says he's returning for Switch sequelPolygon
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch is Probably a New GameIGN
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Comment It points to tech working better than expected (Score 4, Interesting) 152

nobody notices he just moved the goal post (either because their tech don't work or they don't have the money).

Not sure what article you read, but this new plan means MORE stations, and MORE tunnels to provide access to the wider variety of entry points scattered around the city. Before it was just a handful of terminals at either end of a city.

So the only implication one can possibly derive from this new plan is that tunneling is either easier or cheaper than originally thought (probably both).

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Samsung Galaxy S9 deals, a Far Cry 5 SSD bundle, and more of the best tech discounts - The Verge (google.com)

The Verge

Samsung Galaxy S9 deals, a Far Cry 5 SSD bundle, and more of the best tech discounts
The Verge
Welcome to Good Deals, a Verge-approved roundup of the best tech deals, in partnership with Vox Media's commerce team. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products ...

and more

Comment Driverless Cars (Score 1) 152

This idea actually makes a lot of sense. The ultimate goal for driverless cars is an autonomous on-demand transport system. The biggest impediment to doing that right now is that the driverless cars have to work with existing road infrastructure and human drivers. This is a complicated problem and it is really the reason why autonomous cars are still some way from being viable. If we just wanted to build some autonomous cars that can only go around on a set of 'rails' physically separated from the public, then we have the tech to do that easily now. That is essentially what Musk is proposing. A re-hash of the old pod transport idea but with the pods travelling underground.

In the end though, most of these infrastructure projects fail because the cost of planning permission and consultation is absurd, and I don't see how Musk's high speed tunnel boring machine is going to speed up the legal system. I mean, it has been about 40 years now since the UK first started looking into expanding its airports in the South East, and millions of pounds later they still can't make a decision. Perhaps Musk should start a more efficient law firm next.


Project Gutenberg Blocks German Users After Outrageous Court Ruling (teleread.org) 265

Slashdot reader David Rothman writes: The oldest public domain publisher in the world, Project Gutenberg, has blocked German users after an outrageous legal ruling saying this American nonprofit must obey German copyright law... Imagine the technical issues for fragile, cash-strapped public domain organizations -- worrying not only about updated databases covering all the world's countries, but also applying the results to distribution. TeleRead carries two views on the German case involving a Holtzbrinck subsidiary...

Significantly, older books provide just a tiny fraction of the revenue of megaconglomerates like Holtzbrinck but are essential to students of literature and indeed to students in general. What's more, as illustrated by the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act in the U.S., copyright law in most countries tends to reflect the wishes and power of lobbyists more than it does the commonweal. Ideally the travails of Project Gutenberg will encourage tech companies, students, teachers, librarians and others to step up their efforts against oppressive copyright laws. While writers and publishers deserve fair compensation, let's focus more on the needs of living creators and less on the estates of authors dead for many decades. The three authors involved in the German case are Heinrich Mann (died in 1950), Thomas Mann (1955) and Alfred Döblin (1957).

One solution in the U.S. and elsewhere for modern creators would be national library endowments... Meanwhile, it would be very fitting for Google and other deep-pocketed corporations with an interest in a global Internet and more balanced copyright to help Gutenberg finance its battle. Law schools, other academics, educators and librarians should also offer assistance.

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Technical Adda

Apple May Be Working on High-End Headphones and a Cheaper MacBook Air
Apple has some big plans for the future—and headphones may play a big role in it. Over the last several days, we've been hearing rumors about Apple's future plans. The company is reportedly hard at work on a new line of high-end, over-the-ear ...
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Galaxy Note 9 Specs And Features: What We Know So Far
Galaxy Note 9 specs and features will be on the mind of many Android fans now, after the Korean corporation unveiled its Galaxy S9 flagship. Despite the flagship status of the Galaxy S series, it is the Galaxy Note range that has delivered the most ...
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How To Get Mario In Google Maps This Week
That's because today is March 10th which you can abbreviate to MAR 10 which, if you look closely, spells Mar10 or Mario, basically. Recommended by Forbes. Here Are All The New Games Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2018 A New 'Super Smash Bros' Game Is ...
Mario invades Google Maps to help you avoid bananas while drivingThe Verge
Mario can now guide your route in Google MapsTechCrunch
Get Directions From Mario Inside Google MapsPCMag
Tech Times-Fortune-ValueWalk-Newsweek
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Submission + - iPhone is too addictive, says Stanford students (tekks.net)

ShanaHaynie1 writes: A group of Stanford University student protesters are urging Apple to do more to curb iPhone addiction. As the school's student-run newspaper The Stanford Daily reports, the group—Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices—held a protest at the Palo Alto, Calif. Apple Store over the weekend demanding the Cupertino tech giant take iPhone addiction seriously.

Comment Re: Actual stats? (Score 1) 378

You can say the same about the far left. The message is hard to find and get out through any platform.

I have never run across Nazi content on YT, but the occasional Sarkeesian-type or Muslim rant does get promoted in a feed. Reporting them as extremism doesn't seem to work, I just ignore them.

The problem with YT right now is the demonetization of random content. If enough people don't agree with the content the creator doesn't get the money YT collects. It makes YT a pretty penny, but when game reviews and tech people complain that their content isn't generating money because some asshole decided that the cleavage within a game hurts their sensibilities and thus all reviews and play through needs to be banned, you generate a problem.

And in most cases you simply move on to another monetizing platform (eg Patreon or Twitch or Vimeo) and/or you galvanize a lot of people into making anti-antifa content which then snowballs.

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Android Headlines

Android TV: Android P Proves Why Google Needs A Pixel Player
Android Headlines
You may have heard the latest version of Android – “P” – is now available to download. This is just an early developer preview version, but it is still significant considering it provides the public with a firm snapshot of what the next Android OS ...
Hopefully, This Left Clock Dies With Android P Developer Preview 1Droid Life
Android P Developer Preview: Google's next OS update will stop apps from spying on youHindustan Times
Android P in depth: An up-close look at what's new with securityComputerworld
USA TODAY-CNET-ChristianToday-Business Insider
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Arthurcmff72713 writes: A lot of people nowadays are incredibly enthusiastic about the subject of blogging, but they aren't confident what they ought to be undertaking to generate and manage a effectively organized website. If this sounds like something that grabs your attention then you definitely need to read further more, as the subsequent information can establish yourself on your path.Prevent composing weblogs about subjects you might have no interest in or know absolutely nothing about. It would reflect within your producing and you could possibly come across as uninformed in you are undecided about what you are writing about. This may transform readers

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Google's first Android P release packs notch support, iOS-like quick toggles, more [Gallery] - 9to5Mac (google.com)


Google's first Android P release packs notch support, iOS-like quick toggles, more [Gallery]
Google launched the first Developer Preview for Android P yesterday, and while you can find extensive coverage of all of its features at 9to5Google, there are several features included that might feel familiar to iOS users. The new release packs ...
Hopefully, This Left Clock Dies With Android P Developer Preview 1Droid Life
Android TV: Android P Proves Why Google Needs A Pixel PlayerAndroid Headlines
Android P Developer Preview: Google's next OS update will stop apps from spying on youHindustan Times
Computerworld-USA TODAY-CNET-ChristianToday
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Feed Google News Sci Tech: 5 reasons why you'll want Android P - CNET (google.com)


5 reasons why you'll want Android P
Google on Wednesday released a developer preview of Android P. Right now, the update doesn't add a lot in the way of features for the average user -- and Google discourages regular people from installing it -- but that will change as we get closer to ...
Hopefully, This Left Clock Dies With Android P Developer Preview 1Droid Life
Google's first Android P release packs notch support, iOS-like quick toggles, more [Gallery]9to5Mac
Android P vs iOS 11: Google Forges Ahead With New Developer PreviewValueWalk
Android Headlines-Hindustan Times-Computerworld-USA TODAY
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FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites 128

Back in January, the FCC pulled permission from Silicon Valley startup Swarm Technologies to launch four satellites into space after what it says was an "apparent unauthorized launch." IEEE Spectrum reports that the unauthorized launch consisted of four experimental satellites that the FCC had decided were too small to be noticed in space -- and hence pose an unacceptable risk of collision -- but which the company may have launched anyway, using a rocket based in India. The federal regulator has since issued a letter to Swarm revoking its authorization for a follow-up mission to launch four new, larger versions of its "SpaceBee" satellites. From the report: Swarm was founded in 2016 by one engineer who developed a spacecraft concept for Google and another who sold his previous company to Apple. The SpaceBees were built as technology demonstrators for a new space-based Internet of Things communications network. Swarm believes its network could enable satellite communications for orders of magnitude less cost than existing options. It envisages the worldwide tracking of ships and cars, new agricultural technologies, and low cost connectivity for humanitarian efforts anywhere in the world. The four SpaceBees would be the first practical demonstration of Swarm's prototype hardware and cutting-edge algorithms, swapping data with ground stations for up to eight years.
The FCC told the startup that the agency would assess "the impact of the applicant's apparent unauthorized launch and operation of four satellites... on its qualifications to be a Commission licensee." If Swarm cannot convince the FCC otherwise, the startup could lose permission to build its revolutionary network before the wider world even knows the company exists. An unauthorized launch would also call into question the ability of secondary satellite "ride-share" companies and foreign launch providers to comply with U.S. space regulations.

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