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Many people have scorned and laughed at Thomas A. Edison, Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla, it says on Alex Chiu's famous Web site, where Alex explains the mysteries of the universe, tells us how we can make the future better, and offers immortality (for a very reasonable price) through his patented immortality devices. Alex has enough of a following among Slashdot readers (and editors) that when I posted a two-line comment saying I'd ask him to do a Slashdot interview if I got 10 requests by email, I got lots more than that. So here we go! One question per post, please. We'll forward 10 of the highest-moderated questions to Alex on Monday, and post his answers as soon as we get them back.
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Ask Internet Icon Alex Chiu

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I wonder if mortality rings would sell...
  • Fade to Black Comedy Magazine did a great interview with Alex a while back. Well worth the read. Very Funny stuff.

    Fade to Black Alex Chiu Interview []

  • by Anonymous Coward
    "Tell us then, Why do you think no medical experts come forth to do studies on your devices or reccomend their use?"

    You are obviously an ignorant non-believer in the great Alex. If the medical experts convince people to buy these rings, then nobody will get sick or die anymore, and that would put them all out of a job. It is quite plain to see that those quack "doctors" will try to dismiss these incredibly wonderful devices as "pseudoscience", but you will have to pry MY Immortality Rings off my cold, dead

  • by Anonymous Coward
    You clearly have no idea who Alex Chiu is. In an interview with Alex Chiu, the root comment is plainly insightful.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Western science has yet to describe why acupuncture works. Some theories say that they are merely touching nerves/veins with pressure, causing some kind of electro-chemical change. But that theory is flawed as there are numerous pressure points that when examined closely, show no veins/nerves within the area (only fat cells). Why do those pressure points work? Under MRI, it's proven that acupuncture changes brain activity in certain areas depending on the pressure point being manipulated. It has also been shown that there is a correlation between high/low "chi" as described by masters of accupuncture and brain activity as seen under MRI. The accupunture masters that were being used in the study were 86% accurate at guessing their patients chi problems (too high or too low) as compared to MRI brain activity measurements. Nobody really understand why it works, but it still works, with impirical data to prove that it is more than just a placebo effect. Ok with all that said about acupuncture, I'm pretty open minded about these rings working. Your explaination of why they work may be correct or flawed, but it doesn't matter if they still work, just like accupuncture.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Who the fuck thinks of you as an icon?

    I don't.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Quick question sir: Why does your product only have a ninety day warranty? Are you saying that your devices are less reliable than a Hyundai?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:10AM (#183993)
    hey, alex chiu,

    you cite edison, tesla and einstein as people who were "laughed and scorned at," presumably as parallel figures to yourself, but we can't help noticing that you're sort of missing something. edison, tesla and einstein were great scientists who, through a thorough and accurate understanding of the best scientific learning of their day, applied existing principles in groundbreaking and unexpected ways to advance contemporary physics. you, however, are applying your ignorance and lack of understanding of high-school level science - skimming through textbooks, parrot-learning words like "unique frequency," "magnetic flux" and "negative charge" - and producing your own bastardized version of contemporary science via the tried and tested method of 'just making shit up.'

    you seem to be mesmerised, rabbit-in-headlamps style, by the magical idea of magnetism. apparently you're an intelligent enough guy, but please for your own magnetic god's sake educate yourself on the basic concepts of science, starting with the other three fundamental forces (or is it two? unification is so awkward!). cells don't cluster together because of magnetism. animals don't run from danger because they are "repelled by the negative energy." hey, maybe some form of teleportation will be possible in the future, but chances are it won't be courtesy of the fantastically well-thought-out "transmitting the unique frequency of an object." a quick vote amongst ourselves decided that gravity isn't caused by static electricity when the earth's core rubs against the crust, and as a race we're fairly certain that the sun isn't hot because of friction between its "layers". while you appear to be sure that you're pioneering, pushing the edge of science and coming up with fascinating and groundbreaking new ideas, it might be prudent to base your fantastic new theories on intelligent observation and existing science (as edison, tesla and einstein all did), rather than just gazing into space and pulling things out of your eternally-young ass. so the sun produces heat via some kind of "rubbing" process rather than nuclear fusion, mm? do you have some empirical evidence for this astounding revelation - which would be required to counteract the huge body of proof and data accumulated over the years for what we'll call the 'Enemy Theory' - or are you (all together now) just making shit up?

    how a ufo works? hey, man, slow down! why not read up on how a gyroscope works? why don't you make one and try it out for yourself? it doesn't "defy gravity," it's not magic or magnetic or anything else even approaching alliterative mysticism. no, seriously. trust us on this one. it precesses, resisting any force that tries to tilt its axis of rotation. this is simple - honestly! we'll use italics! - simple newtonian physics; a gyroscope only "defies gravity" when it has something against which to exert a force. an unsupported spinning object will just drop like a stone unless it has astounding aerodynamic properties (which isn't what you're talking about) - try it for yourself! um, with a plate, or something! unless you've got some kind of inbred aversion to deduction by empirical observation!

    we could go through your site and identify countless other examples; you're not being groundbreaking, you're not an eccentric genius of science who's thinking in new ways that nobody else would even consider. you're just blinkered and wrong and obsessed with making huge sweeping deductions from your own misguided half-cooked internal reasoning processes. which is a pity, because your conviction and dedication to your ideas is admirable. it just makes us sad - and moderately angry - to see an entire site dedicated essentially to stupidity; advocating and glorifying the practice of ignoring intelligent deduction and observation, promoting ignorance, and shamelessly condoning the attitude that if you can blindly concoct enough unfounded shit in your head, independently of any evidence or informed reasoning, it'll become true if you close your eyes and say you believe in fairies.

    feel free to respond - whenever the mood of your flux allows.

  • by alewando ( 854 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:27AM (#183994)
    A discovery as important as yours will not go unnoticed, especially as you publicize it as far and wide as you have in seeking to earn your capitalist profit as is your god-given American right (rooted in the 5th, 14th, and 10th amendments of THE CONSTITUTION). The only question is, who (or should I say "Who"?) will do the noticing?

    Government agencies and secret police forces are your first threat, as they are for every righteous individual in this orwellian world of thought police and governmental indoctrination. No government can turn a blind eye to something as fundamentally anti-government as an immortality device. It may be too late for them to make Stalin or Roosevelt (there is no difference) immortal, since they died during the era where man did not interfere with GOD'S wish that we live and then DIE. But it is not too late for CLINTON or BLAIR or any other Liberal deity, and they certainly don't want you to have it in any event.

    But the threats to your safety aren't confined to this planet alone. The alien races that populate our solar system and beyond may possess technology superior in every way to our own, but they have not yet perfected immortality. (I know this only through Divine providence and what I have witnessed with my own eyes: an elaborate Alien burial ceremony deep within the UN complex on sovereign American territory.) Your device would be of great help to their intergalactic conquests, and though they may respect you as a man of science, you are but one small pawn on a small blue planet in an undusted corner of their empire.

    Be forewarned, cher Alex. Your continued safety is of the utmost importance to the survival of free Americans and the human race (excluding communists). Lead us to the promised land, but tread carefully. They are watching.
  • by defile ( 1059 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:58AM (#183995) Homepage Journal

    Perhaps your only rival on the internet is Gene Ray, the man who discovered Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube [].

    Despite the fact that his work contradicts much of your research, he also faces similar obstacles in having his work accepted or at least evaluated. No "institution" of higher education will even return his calls. I spoke to him via phone recently, and Mr. Ray believes that this is because they're run by fundamentalists engaged in some kind of conspiracy to keep the truth away from the public. He was understandably very frustrated by this.

    I can't help but to wonder if other scientists face the same problems. Can you offer a correlating viewpoint? In your efforts to have your work accepted, or at least taken seriously, do you find that fundementalists are a large obstacle? If so, do you believe that this is out of their own ignorance, or that maybe they do in fact have a sinister motive as Mr. Ray suggests?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi,

    I was talking with a friend today about you, Alex Chiu, and we found a real strange paradox (well, all paradoxes are strange).

    If the famous people you cite on your site have been laughed of, and we only really recognize their value today, after they are dead, how can you really be recognized if you will never die? Does this means that you will never been recognized (and hence your rings don't work, so you die, so you are recognized, so your rings did work, so you don't die, so... ad infinitum)?

    We got really confused, so we decided not to think on the subject anymore for today, but then we came to slashdot, and here is the topic once again.

    I hope you can help us, as you've done with so many subjects already. Perhaps it's explained in the Bible code.

  • he's certainly charging enough for the foot braces...
    I like the idea of donating money to a charity to get them. I'd almost go ahead and do that.
    but he's got pop-up ads when you leave the site.
    that sort of thing always makes me doubt the veracity of the information's sort of a "we know you won't come back, so here' my last ditch way to get you to give me some money!"
    ----------------------------------------- -----
    All that glitters has a high refractive index.
  • well, at least in this case you can always just take off the rings. or give a pair to your friends. and you don't even have to become a vampire! "hm...I think I need a few more years on me to look more dignified...maybe I'll just wear them every other night for a while.."
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    All that glitters has a high refractive index.
  • okay, assuming he's right (which I don't really believe) he has put the instructions up on the web on how to make them yourself. it's sort of too late for anyone to clamp it down. the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of slashdotters that looked at his page cached it in both their and their ISP's servers, so it's out there and likely out of anyone's control. ...
    --------------------------------------------- -
    All that glitters has a high refractive index.
  • magnets have been around in this manner for many years - new age style people, etc. have been encouraging the use of magnets on the feet and hands for as long as I can remember. why is your way better, why didn't theirs work, and what proof and facts do you have? your website was not very forthcoming on that last issue, though you claimed to have both.
    ------------------------------------------- ---
    All that glitters has a high refractive index.
  • The same problem testers of the efficacy of other "magnetic healing" devices have. Many of them claim to control for that by watching the subjects carefully, and keeping the environment mostly made up of plastics or non-ferrous metals, but still... what if the subject merely touches two of the supposed magnets to each other, and looks for repulsion or attraction?

    Very difficult to eliminate the placebo effect.
    (and yes, I do think the placebo effect is real, despite that meta-study. Countless studies show improvement in patients in both the control and actual group, an effect which can only be explained by placebo)
  • That would work in Alex Chiu's case, not so well in the case where you have to check for, say, a reduction in pain.
  • Hey, Alex!

    Why you spam?
  • Yeah, 86%. If they are so accurate, why don't they take on Randi's challenge and win over 1M USD?

  • Moderate this one up, please.
  • I once tried to wipe a floppy disk on a guitar speaker magnet. Left it there for a couple of days. Stroked it on the magnet a few times for good measure. Stuck it in my drive and it worked fine. These things can be more robust than you think.

    Of course, if it had had my only copy of a precious file, it would have gone if I'd sneezed within a mile of it.

  • by Bazman ( 4849 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @09:02AM (#184007) Journal
    the web is full of interesting sites on the fringes of science. Some may well be true, and some not. How can we tell which are written by people who also think they are Napoleon and which are written by true Edisons? Now how do these criteria apply to your material?

  • > Assuming I were to live forever, why should I want to?

    "Personally, I've been hearing all my life about the Serious Philosophical Issues posed by life extension, and my attitude has always been that I'm willing to grapple with those issues for as many centuries as it takes." - Patrick Nielsen Hayden, rec.arts.sf.fandom

    But seriously, it's not compulsary, and even if his rings worked you could take them off when you had enough.

  • Maybe Microsoft should licence the ring technology and make an MSIE that can't be End-Tasked, but will live forever!

    Or: why eternal life is not a good idea. Imagine Bill Gates still being alive in 100 years...

  • by PD ( 9577 )
    That's my favorite Carl Sagan quote.

    Everybody, read some of his books. Even though he's dead for a couple years now, Alex C. says that he could use the money!

  • Out of personal curiosity, I noticed that on one of your pages, you state that you "wish China will one day take Taiwan back, peacefully or by force, at any cost!" Why is that? I can understand fierce national pride, after all, I am from the US.

    It still irks me to see what amounts to little more utter racism on your site, even more so from someone with aspirations towards immortality. Is this really what we want for our future? Can you honestly stand by those beliefs, knowing that any application of immortality combined with that kind of narrowmindedness would eventually leave us in a world of people who all think and act in the exact same way?

    I suppose the real question breaks down to: What exactly do you have against Taiwan to such an extent that you would attempt to deny an entire nation a chance at (supposed) immortality?

  • Are you aware that, in addition to Edison, Einstein and Tesla, people also laughed at Bozo the Clown?
  • ...of attaching these magnets to NT servers? I could do with one that doesn't die at least once every thirty days.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I plan to live forever... so far, so good. ;)

    If I should die, it would only be because I got bored with living and decided not to live forever.

    There. I now have immortality (for as long as I want it).
    Computer Science: solving today's problems tomorrow.
  • Anyone who would want to save mother Theresa obviously hasn't read this [] or any of the other articles or books [] by Christopher Hitchens on the subject!

  • I have made a modification to Alex Chiu's device which will bring this mainstream. Everyone will feel like they are in heaven.

    Basically, it consist of a small brass cylinder with a contact explosive at one end (we'll call it a "primer"), then the cylinder is filled with shredded nitrocellulose cord (we'll call this "smokeless powder"), and the magnetic device is then friction fit into the end of the cylinder sealing in the "smokeless powder". You then purchase my BFG-GLOCK17 Immortality Insertion device for around $450US (after the mandatory 2 week waiting period), and insert the brass cylinder into the chamber. To operate the device, you take the end of the BFG-GLOCK17, and insert the open end of it into your mouth, and point it upward towards the roof of your mouth. When you pull the trigger, the magnetic device is propelled upwards and implanted within your brain, it's very painless.

    By implanting the magnetic device within your brain, it will better control the magnetic flux of your body, and it will seem like you are in heaven.
  • No he specifically says this doesn't protect you for accidents or deisese, just that you don't grow any older. Oh and he also said the gravity is created by teh rubbing of the earth plates to create static-electricity, which he says is the same as gravity :)
  • You state here that "What I believe is that the small finger or the toes are the transistor of the entire body. [...] You use a little bit of energy to turn on a larger amount of energy!!"

    My father-in-law lost the fingers of his left hand in a construction accident. Is there any hope for him? What about a quadruple-amputee?

    If these "transistors" are lost, what kind of effect does this have on the body?

  • Why People Believe Weird Things []?

    Immortality devices? What is your scientific proof? Scientific, not pseudo-scientific. You are a charlatan, sir.

  • You know, I'm trying to remember the bookstore where I bought it. It was in Chambana, IL, and it was very Barnes and Noble-esque, but not a B& was more like a Barques & Naders...

    You can prolly get it at your local library.
  • Well done. It's too bad that the vast majority of this readership wouldn't recognize satire if it knocked them down and sat on them, because that was a fine example.

  • by Guttata ( 35478 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:50AM (#184048)
    Alex, your web page states:

    "If you are not satisfied with the products, you have 90 days to refund them"

    How am I supposed to know within 90 days if the immortality ring works?

  • Yes - and what's even more sad is that a lot of people seem to be buying all the crap, judging from the "testimonials". Scary!
  • You're missing the point.
    Those "testimonials" are being written by people who are in on the joke, unlike yourself. Lighten up...have you read his message board, and the hilarious responses provided there?
  • The fact that the parent post is currently moderated down as flamebait, while other posts who are taking themselves (and waaaay too seriously are being moderated up has proven something to me: Alex Chiu is smarter than most of the people here, if only for the fact that some of you people think he's serious.

    < tofuhead >

  • by vladkrupin ( 44145 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @09:32AM (#184055) Homepage
    in addition to his obvious ignorance I would remind slashdotters that neither Einstein, not Tesla, nor any other great minds of the past seeked glory and recognition. They did it for the sake of the people, or at least just for the heck of it (read: science) but never seeked a reward. He does.

    His purposes and attitudes seem noble, at least donating money to a charity seems like a good idea. But then, again, if he does that clearly for-profit, FDA will stop that right there. In fact, he is expecting that [] any moment. Yes, I know, it might not be hurting anyone physically, but it is a scam anyway and that is something that the we have to deal with.

    As far as his ignorance... oh, this is truly bad. Here [] he compares the way our body works to a transistor (resembles a recent movie, except there we were duracell batteries, right?). I do not know anything about how a body works, but it is apparent that he has no clue about how transistors work, that's for sure. He also seems to be missing the point that the energy can't be drawn (and amplified) out of the thin air. Tesla himself probably would have turned over in his grave if he heard something like that.

    I would not even touch his perception of God ("God is the mathematical formula which runs our universe"). errr... hideous herecy, along with toddler level of comprehension put into scientific words!

    !!!Last, but not least, every one of us has seen spammers and MLM promoters, right? Right. What do they use? Pop-ups that advertize you to buy a product - he's got it! Paid ads - he's got it! TESTIMONIALS OF SOMEBODY'S GREAT EXPERIENCE AND MIRACULOUS CURE IN CAPITAL LETTERS? - he's got that too! popups that open up when onUnload() happens? - He's got that as well. It doesn't take too much time to see that he is making money just off this website, just running it and getting money off advertizers with very nicely disguised ads (just look at the source code of his pages). And now, sice he is getting slashdotted, he is getting even more, we are helping him quite a bit.

    Now, since I established that this is a rather typical scam, and this guy exhibits remarkable ignorance, and takes pride in it, makes money in the very detestable ways that slashdotters hate, and shamelessly considers and announces himself the next best thing in the Universe (or at the very least the next Einstein)... since all this is true... why in the world would Roblimo even think about interviewing the guy. Yes, it might be entertaining to see the gross stupidity and laugh at it, but did we really degrade far enough to interview a guy just to laugh at stupidity? I think this is something for those scandalous magazines that you can buy at any grocery store, not for slashdot!

    Over and out. Very mad too.

    ------------------------------------------------ -
  • Will an "eternal life" device keep my Windows box from experiencing the "blue screen of death"?
  • Assuming I were to live forever, why should I want to? As many tales have been written, one grows weary of seeing friends come and go and children age and die.

    Umm... unlike all the fictional stories, if by some freak of nature his promise of immortality were true (or other means that may be arriving sooner and have a better chance of being true), your family and friends can also join in on the immortality thing, and you won't HAVE to see them age and die.

    Besides, if you really do get tired of life, there's no reason you can't go and kill yourself, now is there? If you really think 50-100 years is enough for a human life, then by all means, you can go ahead and life that way. I, on the other hand, would much much prefer to have a little more say in when my time comes to a halt. I see thousands of years worth of technology in the future that I want to be around to see and experience.
  • > Also, you might want to consider faith based views on killing one's self.

    If you've managed to achieve immortality through the clever use of nipple rings, why would you give a damn about the afterlife?

    (That is, if you achieve immortality, I have a hunch God's gonna be more pissed at you for breaking his monopoly on eternal life than for your subsequent suicide. He'll probably thank you for offing yourself, because if you're otherwise immortal, how the hell can He send you to HELL for infringing on his immortality patent ;-)

  • Why the hell do you have popup adds on your site that crash IE and force me to end-task it?


  • Well, if you don't like his gaurantee, you can always make your own ring at little or no cost. Which brings me to my question: Alex, you say that one should use rare earth magnets in constructing immortality rings:

    Rare earth is a little more expensive, but they are much more powerful than ceramic.

    What exactly is the benefit of this additional power? If they both keep you from dying, isn't it kind of a wash?



  • You sell the "classic" immortality rings for $25... however, from your site:

    Immortality Neodymium Rings $45.00 Shipping included These rings are 21,000 gauss, exactly 21 times stronger than the classic Immortality Rings. But Foot Braces are still more powerful.

    I was just curious what exactly is the difference between normal immortality, Neodymium immortality, and the ultra-powerful Foot Brace immortality?


  • Would you be willing to consider fighting Gene Ray from [] in a Steel Cage Match?

    I would be willing to put up some serious prize money.


  • by Stephen VanDahm ( 88206 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:20AM (#184079) Homepage
    Can't y'all find someone better to interview? The only insightful thing this guy could share with us is how he managed to rip off the patent system. And we already know how that works.

    Have y'all been h4x0r3d again?

    Stephen C. VanDahm
  • "...The HELL?!"
  • Alex, why would you (or anyone else) want to live forever; i.e., What are the pros and cons of eternal life?
  • by zpengo ( 99887 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:29AM (#184090) Homepage
    Have you given free samples to people who you think ought to live forever, and if so, who are those people?
  • my question is:

    Often, scientific discovery is nudged by ideas in science fiction or popular cultue. This leads to my question: Were you inspired by the "power bracelets" in the classic videogame The Legend of Zelda ? do you claim simultaneous-discovery with Link ?

  • by Tom7 ( 102298 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:20AM (#184093) Homepage Journal
    Alex: I have a superior device. My device allows a person to live forever -- twice. (It is made of stronger magnets.) How can I collect my prize?
  • Alex, If your product actually does have the ability to give eternal life, why not just give these life time guarantees instead of 90 days.
  • I don't know how/why anybody can take this seriously. Yes, I see the patent that was granted. I still think the whole site is just a scam. I just can't believe it's really serious.

    Hey I understand the benefits of magnetism and asian medicine - but you are not going to tell me looking at that site, that you don't suspect it's just a gag of some sort - involving Roblimo and all.

    For heaven's sake, looking through the site, reading some of the stuff it just amazes me the amount of crap that's there. The badly drawn images, the overly large text with bad colors and bad graphics, it's all just too much to be true. Not only that, when I've finally had enough of the crap on the site and tried to leave, new browser windows popped up for underage (lolita) porn! What the fuck?

    If this ain't a joke, then Roblimo needs to have his head examined. What a fucking waste!

  • So, what do you think of Archimedes Plutonium? Do you think you two would make good research partners?


  • Hey Alex, since you have all this free time due to your newfound immortality, what are you spending it on?
  • In the year 3535

    DisneyCo will begin its next three-year lobbying campaign for yet another 20-year copyright extension [], bringing the total term to 1,635 years of government-granted monopoly for all works for hire and life plus 1,610 for freelance works. (Sure, the US won't be around anymore by then, but whatever federation takes over its job will probably be just as easy to buy off.)

    ObQuestion: Mr. Chiu, what's your opinion on retroactive copyright extensions? Good or bad thing?

  • Assuming I were to live forever, why should I want to?

    Every 20 years, DisneyCo lobbies the world's major powers for yet another 20-year retroactive extension [] on its monopolies under copyright law. Assuming you live longer than DisneyCo [], you'll finally get to see copyrights expire into the public domain.

    Anyway, on to my question:

    Say I'm buying rings for aging patients in the hospital. Would you guarantee [] that they wouldn't die in the next 90 days with the rings on? Would you guarantee that you'd have enough money in the bank to cover all the refund checks?

  • by istartedi ( 132515 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:32AM (#184115) Journal come your website can't survive the /. effect for 15 minutes?

  • You can't get it at Redwood City, CA. library, because no one took their copy out, so they sold it. To me. For $3. Its an excellent read, too. Especially the section on the Amicus brief refuting scientific creationism. And the chapter about the Cult of Ayn Rand.
  • Why the Hell did your site pop up a bunch of pr0n windows on my desktop? I am perfectly capable of finding my own if I wanna.

    Very, very rude.

  • by lcrocker ( 144720 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @10:12AM (#184122) Homepage
    One nice thing about claiming immortality is that it takes a lifetime for anyone to prove you wrong. But legitimate scientists in life extension research have a simple alternative: mice, which only live about 2 years, have very similar metabolisms to humans and other mammals. Honest, repeatable experiments with life extension techniques like calorie restriction can routinely produce mice that live 3-4 years. So surely any immortality device can easily produce a 5-year-old mouse. So where is it? And if you can't produce one, why should anyone take you seriously?
  • In a word: Wow.
  • by Glowing Fish ( 155236 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:28AM (#184130) Homepage

    If this is not serious, it is just mean.

    If the Slashdot readers and editors think this guy is serious, then I wonder about them.

    If they think he is delusional, then asking him questions hoping to get funny asnwers is mean.

    And if he is a fraud, then interviewing him is not the way to expose him.

  • Before reading anything this man says, I strongly suggest you all read Astronomer Carl Sagan's The Fine Art of Baloney Detection [].

    This well alert you to all of the most common errors in logic people use in every day thinking, and will help you detect when someone is using bad stastics, outright logic errors, or other misleading practices to feed you a line of baloney. For instance, a texas lawmaker once wanted to outlaw divorce because a study strongly related divorce and poverty. His flawed logic was that by outlawing divorce, it would end poverty. Many, many thought proccesses like this slip by us today without us really noticing, but by reading The Fine Art of Baloney Detection we can notice them.

  • by IronChef ( 164482 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:59AM (#184138)

    This has got to be an all-time low for the site.

    (If we're interviewing nutbars, I would rather see an interview with the guy.)
  • Ok, this is minor, but it makes me look stupid.

    The second question SHOULD be "Has anyone ever told you that they did?" instead of have.

  • by proxima ( 165692 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:09AM (#184140)
    Have you ever ruined any disks (floppy, hard disks, etc) or other media (VHS tape, etc) with your immortality rings? Have anyone ever told you that they did? Do you have insurance against lawsuits?

  • His site is blocked by SmartFilter at work, saying the site is a "cult or occult" website. Interesting that SmartFilter is aware of something that the slashdot editors can't seem to grasp.
  • Ok, so I only have one real question...

    What are the chances of you releasing a list of your customers so the rest of us will know who is worthy of our unending pointing and laughing... umm... I mean, respect?

    (Perhaps we could also ask that you use your influence as an "internet icon" to get that Mind and Spirit [] moron to open her list up, too.)
  • Hi Alex. I have seen a similar product on the web. It's also a magnetic ring that you wear to give you special powers. It's not worn on the fingers or toes though, so perhaps you'll see it as a wonderful complement to your existing products. Here is a link to what I like to call The Ring of Immorality [].

    Here's my question: If my hands are already strongly drawn to my genitals, would wearing this product in concert with yours be unwise? What if I become "stuck"?

    Thank you.
  • by dstone ( 191334 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @09:14AM (#184151) Homepage
    Alex Chiu, you're obviously very interested in religion, especially things that are written in the Bible or Torah (from your site: []). In fact, on that page, you claim that people who do not believe in the Bible are "Antichrists".

    So let me ask you this: are you comfortable selling me some of your rings and giving me, an Antichrist, immortality? How does your God feel about helping me, an Antichrist, live forever? Or will your rings not work on an Antichrist? (I didn't see that exception in your claims.)
  • by onion2k ( 203094 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:14AM (#184157) Homepage
    From the 'philosophy' pages of your site I quote 'You don't need to have children anymore because you stay young forever'. Do you not feel that there is a bit more to living than simply eating and breathing? Your pages imply that once we've cracked health and farming we're sorted from there on in. Don't we need some sort of goal or ambition? Isn't a common goal to procreate? Do we spend the rest of eternity wearing rings and writing Perl?
  • by onion2k ( 203094 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:20AM (#184158) Homepage
    Alex, if your device were ever to prove true in the eyes of the medical profession, do you feel that a patent is suffient defense against some corporation (or perhaps government) taking control and only allowing their view of the 'right people' to have one? Could your device spark a forth reich, a new 'master race', immortals versus mortals?
  • Alex:

    You've obviously shared the secret of eternal life with the CGI that processes applications for "Free Eternal Life Rings" via 40 referrals - it gives no response whatsoever, but never dies a timeout death. Eternal life indeed.

    Are you willing to impart the details of eternal life to a CGI on my server?

  • You are doing what every evangelist and salesperson does. You are taking advantage of really stupid people by lying and selling stuff.

    Whoa now, evangelism=sales. In some ways they're related, but sales often doesn't care whether the product helps you. Those who evangelize do. As an evangelist myself, I almost resent this. =)

  • I've noticed that your site seems to lack some design elements that might make it seem more attractive and less like a "scam" as many have assumed. Do you have any plans for redoing the site design?

    I've also noticed that you have an amazing number of advertisments and popups, that add to the "scam" feel that hits the user as they first enter the site. Do you have any plans to change the way you do advertising on the webiste?

    And lastly, I've found a page [] that lists how people can make their own rings. Do you think that this open way of letting people make their own rings may somehow affect your sales?

  • Oh, you can slow the process of aging, but what's the point? Life has been very exciting during the last few years, particularly as often as it flashes before my eyes, with any luck, it'll continue to rocket along until I don't notice it's over. (c=

    All your .sig are belong to us!

  • As predicted by: Zager and Evans

    In the year 3535
    Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies
    Everything you think, do and say
    Is in the pill you took today

    Whoa! Just like today!

    In the year 4545
    Ain't gonna need your teeth, won't need your eyes
    You won't find a thing to chew
    Nobody's gonna look at you

    Well, that's certainly worth waiting for...

    In the year 5555
    Your arms hanging limp at your sides
    Your legs got nothing to do
    Some machine's doing that for you

    Probably got an Itanium 4 with a big 'ol heatsink on it, stirrin a big bowl of grits. Probably need a machine to pour em down the pants, too.

    In the year 6565
    Ain't gonna need need no husband, won't need no wife
    You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too
    From the bottom of a long glass tube, whoa-oh

    Probably no Viagra, either, where's the fun in a future like that?

    In the year 7510
    If God's a-comin' He oughta make it by then
    Maybe He'll look around Himself and say
    Guess it's time for the judgment day

    Have you been saved today? Better head over to the Walmart Moon, eternal salvation, 15% off!

    In the year 8510
    God is gonna shake His mighty head
    He'll either say I'm pleased where man has been
    Or tear it down and start again, whoa-oh

    This time, without ICANN, oke?

    In the year 9595
    I'm kinda wonderin' if man is gonna be alive
    He's taken everything this old Earth can give
    And he ain't put back nothin, whoa-oh

    Cept about 3,141,592.7 tonnes of McDonald's packaging, which still won't decompose for another 40,000 years.

    Now it's been ten thousand years
    Man has cried a billion tears
    For what he never knew
    Now man's reign is through

    But through eternal night
    The twinkling of starlight
    So very far away
    Maybe it's only yesterday

    That or it's the aliens afterburners as they head to the next harvest.

    All your .sig are belong to us!

  • by ackthpt ( 218170 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:09AM (#184178) Homepage Journal
    Assuming I were to live forever, why should I want to? As many tales have been written, one grows weary of seeing friends come and go and children age and die. It's a heavy burden, what's there to counter balance this need for immortality, other than simple fear of death?

    All your .sig are belong to us!

  • by w.p.richardson ( 218394 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:20AM (#184180) Homepage

    Have you ever tested your immortality devices in terminally ill patients in a double blinded placebo controlled study. For example, have you recruited a cohort of cancer patients, applied a randomization technique whereby one group gets your device(s) and the other receives similar, yet inactive rings and braclets? Certainly, if your products provide immortality then none of the subjects in the active group would die. With that amount of statistical power, it would be simple and relatively cheap to demonstrate your claims.


  • by 3-State Bit ( 225583 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:34AM (#184185)
    Well I went to order [] one of these things, and was met at the top with the cheerful request to agree:
    Yes, I would like to try the Eternal Life Device(s). I understand that the inventor, Alex Chiu, guarantees me that if I am not satisfied with the Eternal Life Device for any reason, I am allowed to get a full refund within 90 days.[boldness added]
    Now given that the only reason I can imagine for someone not being satisfied with their package of Eternal Life is if it doesn't work (ie. they still die), your guarantee beckons the questions:
    1. Would I be correct in assuming that you allow third-parties (spouses/families) to ask for a refund within 90 days of the deceased person's order?
    2. And if you do, what percent of your orders result in a refund within 90 days for the specific reason of death? (ie. not including other "not satisfied for any reason" s).
    3. Does this figure include refunds for causes of death unrelated to mortality?
    Your answers and statistics are appreciated.
  • by American AC in Paris ( 230456 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:07AM (#184187) Homepage

    If you were to end up dying someday, who should I contact for a refund on my eternal life device?

    Thanks in advance,
    American AC in Paris

  • The only reason I would fork over the cash for something like that, is to see the future. But that's not much of an issue, I look forward to dying as an old man. So because you people will be pioneering toward the future, and us lazy people still wanna see what's ahead in time without the immortal side effects..... Will there be a service sometime that I could use to be removed from my timeline and taken to the future as soon as Time Travel is invented?
  • by Apreche ( 239272 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:58AM (#184192) Homepage Journal
    First of all this guy is for memepool, not for slashdot. I read most of his site, and in my opinion he is insane. However I do have an interesting question to ask him.

    Do you seriously believe that your immortality stuff works? If you do, then you are insane. However if you don't, I think you might actually be a pretty smart guy. You are doing what every evangelist and salesperson does. You are taking advantage of really stupid people by lying and selling stuff.

    What I'm basically asking is this.
    A) Do you believe that this stuff works or are you just a clever salesman?
    B) If you believe this stuff works, what do you say to all the (intelligent) people who think you are insane?
    C) If you believe this stuff works, what are you smoking, and can I have some? I don't do drugs, but, hell I'm immortal so I can do whatever drugs I want!
  • by Bonker ( 243350 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:11AM (#184196)
    I think that a lot of the people who visit your page think that you are a bit of a loony and a lot of a profiteer. While I like the fact that you offer 'free' rings in exchange for a donation to certain charities, I can't help but feel that you are probably not using the best of peer-reviewed science to back up your ideas.

    Despite this, I bet you feel that what you're doing is pretty important.

    Tell us then, Why do you think no medical experts come forth to do studies on your devices or reccomend their use?

    For some this will be a vindication of your ideas. For others it will be a glimpse into one of the minds that makes the web as truly a strange and wonderful place that it is.
  • by bahtama ( 252146 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:08AM (#184198) Homepage
    Between the main page, the meta keywords (starwars, star, trek, antichrist) and pop-up spam pages on that site, I thought Slashdot had been hacked again and someone had posted a fake story! That's what happened, right?


  • Agreed! This man is an unrepentant spammer, and anyone who monitors the net-abuse newsgroups knows it. If you're going to ask him anything, don't forget to bring this up.

    If we keep this up, will the next person /. chooses to interview be Sam Khuri, the infamous Benchmark Print Supply spammer? We could ask him about all those judgements against him and how he manages to keep going after getting sued so many times. Or, I don't know, maybe we could get the University Diplomas spammer(s) on here to discuss nontraditional education. Sheesh!

  • But if you could be immortal in this life, would anyone be able to stand it? After seeing all of the evils of the world committed again and again, I think you would grow weary of experiencing the same tragic things over and over, even if there was no death involved. Plus, the more emotional scars you bear, the harder it is to go on in this life.

    To go kill yourself - now there's a plan. Think of all the emotional scars you'll give others when they find out you couldn't stand this life anymore (which means you couldn't stand it even enough with them by your side). What will they have to look forward to, except a life that will eventually end by suicide. You have a very self-centered view of what immortality in this life would be like if it were possible.

  • by cavemanf16 ( 303184 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:39AM (#184210) Homepage Journal
    Alex, you say that this invention of eternal life that you have developed and/or promote is true, and comparable to Einstein, Tesla, and other 'great scientific minds.' Exactly how can you prove that? The only way would be to show that a person could live infinitely, and since there is no end to infinity, you would never be able to end your expirement and provide conclusions in true scientific form. If you have a better explanation, please feel free to share.
  • Why does Alex Chiu look so old?
  • jump off a cliff while wearing the magnets, what happens?
  • by Migelikor1 ( 308578 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:04AM (#184218) Homepage
    Bah...more pseudo science. The placebo effect can do many things, but it can't stop aging and cell decay. I can't wait till the guy dies, wrapped with magnets and doohickys, complaining bitteryly that he's immortal.
  • the site is so famous that it's nonexistant. Marvelous.

    by the way, my opinion of roblimo's journalistic integrity has now reached absolute zero. good job, kiddo.

  • Thats what you get when you promise silly things, isn't it. Internet Icon he may be, but this is no church of bob...

  • by Magumbo ( 414471 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @08:46AM (#184231)

    How long have you been making these amazing devices? If fewer than 130 years, please describe how you *really* know they work? If >= 130 years, please prove you aren't one of those bouncing Chinese vampires by eating 5 "bundles" of sticky rice and posting the video on your website. Thank you.


  • by idonotexist ( 450877 ) on Friday June 01, 2001 @10:10AM (#184242)
    On your site you state []: "I am not a Taiwanese. I am Chinese, and I wish China will one day take Taiwan back, peacefully or by force, at any cost! A Taiwanese who does not consider himself to be Chinese does not deserve to become immortal."

    Do you wish for Taiwanese citizens to be exterminated? How do you explain your views if 1) you were born in the U.S. and not China (are you not an American?), and 2) China repeatedly abuses and tortures its citizenry, including Chinese forced abortions of Tibetan women []? Wouldn't Chinese deserve not to become immortal?

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