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JPG Compression - The Bandwidth Saver 316

Mr.Tweak writes "TweakTown has posted an article entitled "JPG Compression - The Bandwidth Saver". An article for webmasters and site owners showing how they can significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth they use by compressing JPG images, one of the most common formats for web images. If you own a website and don't yet have knowledge in the field of JPG compression, you should find this very interesting indeed - Save money on bandwidth and please viewers at the same time with quicker loading webpages. They also talk briefly at JPEG2000."
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JPG Compression The Bandwidth Saver

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  • by Aanallein ( 556209 ) on Saturday April 20, 2002 @02:11PM (#3379846)
    Short run down of the linked-to article:
    Non-compressed images have a large filesize and cost a lot of bandwidth, compressed images look almost as good and cost less bandwidth.
    Guide to compress images in PSP 7: save, move slider.
    conclusion: compressing is good, hope you found this useful.

    *shakes his head sadly* Slow down are fine, but c'mon - we're geeks you know; we can be expected to at least know *some* things...
  • by weave ( 48069 ) on Saturday April 20, 2002 @02:19PM (#3379885) Journal
    Really... I also found it hilarious that the pages are loaded with shockwave ads and large 256 color gif files for simple border bits that could be done in 4 colors.

    Oh well, maybe I'll write an article about how to reduce size of GIF files using a smaller color pallete and turning off dithering so it can compress better... :-(

    This article needs to be shown to just about every web graphics shop out there, but not to us self-righteous nerds! :)

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 20, 2002 @02:21PM (#3379897)

    Yatta! We are the wad of dough! Who dong hide?

    Translation []: "All right! We are the world! We just go to bed."

    These are lyrics from "Yatta!" by Happatai (the Japanese version of the Village People), as interpreted in "Irrational Exuberance" [], a popular Flash music video of the song.

    Surprisingly, the parent is somewhat on-topic because Flash videos [] use JPEG compression technology to save bandwidth.

  • Come on..... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by josh crawley ( 537561 ) on Saturday April 20, 2002 @02:26PM (#3379923)
    Now, I can understand if slashdot wants to put techie reviews or such other geek stuff. That's understandable, in the case of YRO, company product release (that april spoof about sponsoring products was true, wasnt it?), and software issues.

    HOWEVER, this is a geek site, which we talk as deeply as going about SMP on x86 systems and remodding systems into other cases (mechanics and engineering, lest that be software or hardware). However, that journalistic line (if there even was that line) has been crossed with this idiotic article. Let's re-read this again to see if it doesnt state the obvious. Also, I'm going to _assume_ that techie people on this website (most all) knows that jpeg is a compression....

    Compression - The Bandwidth Saver

    Hell, even non-techie people still know that if I zip that file, it doesnt take as long.... This article just insults our intelligence. Slashdot is becoming more and more like TechTV for the net.

    And as a last mote, moderators, pay attention to *important stuff* below every post. This article is anything but offtopic.
  • by wytcld ( 179112 ) on Saturday April 20, 2002 @04:35PM (#3380437) Homepage
    Smart site that, setting the style on their body text so that in Mozilla it's teeny-tiny. This form of compression saves the reader from time otherwise spent scrolling the screen. It saved me the time of even reading at all.

    What ever did happen to the idea that the Web is about letting the user set their browser's default type size to suit their eyes, and writing pages that honor the user's preference?

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