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KDE's Version Timing Drops It In Ubuntu Support Priority 187

News.com is reporting that the next version of Ubuntu will see KDE unsupported, but only for the time being. Because of the dramatic changeover from KDE 3.5 to 4.0, Ubuntu sponsor Canonical is unwilling to initially support the popular Linux GUI. Gnome will still be supported, and the company expects to return support to kubuntu soon. "Developer interest is focused on KDE 4.0, but it's not mature enough yet to use in the next KDE-based variation of Ubuntu, called Kubuntu, Scott James Remnant, leader of the Ubuntu Desktop team, said in an explanation to a Kubuntu mailing list. But most Kubuntu developers adding features "upstream" of today's products are focused on KDE 4.0, meaning that it's risky to release a long-term support version based on 3.5."
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KDE's Version Timing Drops It In Ubuntu Support Priority

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  • Not suprising (Score:5, Informative)

    by proudfoot ( 1096177 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @06:45PM (#21851860)
    The next version of Kubuntu/Ubuntu would have been an LTS, which means that it would be aimed at those who expected a long life out of an operating system, such as enterprise users.
    KDE 4.0, in its current, and rather buggy state, does not fit the bill.
  • by empaler ( 130732 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @06:53PM (#21851926) Journal

    ... adding features "upstream" of today's products are focused on KDE 4.0, meaning that it's risky to release a long-term support version based on 3.5.
    Someone's not been paying attention to the point of LTS - the point is that since there is no addition of major features, there's less risk involved, making it a better choice for those seeking stability. Zonk's next accepted feature:

    FreeBSD - too many versions?
    News.com reports that only damned fools would go for FreeBSD 5.5 - where no major features have been added for years. Server maintainers should get with the program and start download FreeBSD 8 alphas - it has something called superpages and network stack virtualization, and while none of us know what that means, the names are impressive.
  • Re:Not suprising (Score:5, Informative)

    by Fri13 ( 963421 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @07:00PM (#21851972)
    KDE4 starts KDE 4.x series and it isn't in that condition that everyone could use it like they can use KDE 3.5 on it current state. So, then when KDE 4.1 comes, it should be then in state it is good for anyone. Now when in few weeks KDE4 comes out, it is mostly for application developers and users who knows how to submit wishes and use KDE3.x applications in KDE4 too etc.

    LTS support didnt come to kubuntu because KDE 3.5.x series support will be ended before LTS support and KDE4 isn't in shape it could be supported time what LTS needs. So, Kubuntu dont get LTS support, mayby next time when LTS version is coming from ubuntu.

    But for those whole like to have supported KDE, can turn for other distributions like Mandriva, SUSE etc.

    (im not developer but this info i have got from KDE blogs and it is UOM)
  • Re:ubuntu shmoobuntu (Score:5, Informative)

    by phoenix.bam! ( 642635 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @07:00PM (#21851978)
    Ubuntu feature freezes all releases. For six months nothing about your desktop changes, at all. Only security and bug fixes are released. If they moved to a one year release cycle they would either end up hopelessly out of date, or would have to sacrifice desktop consistency without a given distribution. Ubuntu doesn't want to surprise users with an update to their desktop that changes functionality.
  • Re:Not suprising (Score:5, Informative)

    by phoenix.bam! ( 642635 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @07:03PM (#21852004)
    KDE 3.5 will be perfectly usable for many more years, but people working on the Kubuntu project have moved to KDE4 for the most part. Considering they are volunteers it is perfectly reasonable for them to do so. But without anyone working on the packages, Kubuntu can't release a long term support version of Kubuntu with KDE 3.5. There just isn't anyone around to maintain it.
  • Misleading article (Score:5, Informative)

    by csnydermvpsoft ( 596111 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @07:06PM (#21852042)
    Looking at the mailing list message [ubuntu.com] linked from the article clears up things. Kubuntu 8.04 will not be "unsupported" - it will simply not be an LTS (long-term support) release. This means that it will "only" be supported for 18 months on the desktop instead of three years.

    Also, the concern is not whether features will still be being added to 3.5, but whether bugs fill be fixed upstream. From TFM: "Will a bug in KDE 3.5 receive upstream attention in March 2011?"

  • KDE release and LTS (Score:5, Informative)

    by Pecisk ( 688001 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @07:10PM (#21852072)
    Disclaimer: I am GNOME user for eight years, but I recommend KDE for powerusers. Thanks God that we have choice.

    Problem is very simple - KDE guys don't guarantee that KDE 3.5 will be supported next 3 years (which is obvious - KDE 4 is just around the corner and all development efforts will be channelled to it), but KDE 4 won't be useful until end of next year (basis is there, but lot of stuff must be ported). So it is kinda dumb situation. However, Kubuntu 8.04 WILL be released, it just won't be 3 years supported, aka LTS, but tradicionally 18 months, which is half of that time. After that, Kubuntu 8.10 release will contain KDE 4 at it's best.

    So - not kinda cool that there won't be LTS for KDE, but still - there will be release.

    p.s. it is a little bit sad that rather fine article summary contains somehow weak attempt to cause flamewar. Yes, KDE is popular, but also is GNOME - I know lot of KDE fanboys has problems to admit that (ohh, and it is similar with GNOME fanboys to admit that KDE is desktop of choice for many people, of course).

  • by Joe Tie. ( 567096 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @07:41PM (#21852246)
    Going by the way kubuntu normally works, I'd be surprised if it came down to much more than adding a second repository to get access to kde4 packages.
  • by calebt3 ( 1098475 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @08:18PM (#21852456)
    They upgrade slower.
  • Just use fedora (Score:1, Informative)

    by mp3zero ( 306357 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @08:49PM (#21852656)
    In other news... For those of you wanting to use KDE 4.0, Fedora 9 will be supporting it. It is currently in the rawhide build and can be installed on Fedora 8 by using the development repo.
  • by dasmoo ( 1052358 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @09:08PM (#21852784)
    It'll be using 3.5. Long term support is not offered because upstream won't be prioritizing fixes for 3.5 bugs in three years time
  • by wanderingknight ( 1103573 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @09:30PM (#21852880)
    Yeah, but all the things you mentioned don't represent major application overhauls. They're mostly point releases, while KDE 4 is a complete remake of KDE.
  • Re:LTS (Score:5, Informative)

    by mabhatter654 ( 561290 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @09:50PM (#21852998)
    or rather KED is "done when it's done" and Ubuntu needs a full cycle of completion before they'll claim LTS status for KED 4. In this case KDE 4 will only have been released 3 months before Canonical has to make a decision on wether to be tied to that release for 5 years. Ubuntu is much smaller than Red Hat or Suse and they don't want to play the games of supporting backports and cross-grades like done with the various boxed versions of Suse or RHEL. They waited until an odd time to release that's on nobody else's schedule.. The more politically correct thing might be to delay the LTS release in general then fewer feelings would be hurt.

    The situation is not that KDE 4 is "not supported" but the combo in 8.04 will include BOTH 3.5 and 4.0! but only for the standard 18 months. Then the 8.10 will be fully supported for 4.0 only and probably LTS as well. It's a matter of Canonical not wanting to be tied up supporting bleeding edge releases just yet. Remember, Red Hat and Suse don't SUPPORT the free versions for customers, only the carefully limited pay-for versions and if you go "off the reservation" with upstream updates, they tell you to reinstall the base just like other commercial OS vendors do. Part of the Ubuntu experience is that there is no artificial divide between the "open source" and the "tweaked" versions.. it's their stated interest to work CLOSER to the upstream source, not wall their stuff off to versions they have to babysit for 5 years like RH or Suse has.
  • by HeroreV ( 869368 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @10:16PM (#21853154) Homepage
    Kubuntu 8.04 is still planned to be released alongside Ubuntu 8.04, just without long-term service as previously planned. That just means the Gnome stuff in 8.04 will receive security updates longer than the KDE stuff in 8.04.
  • LTS = a bad joke (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 29, 2007 @10:33PM (#21853232)
    I'm a Kubuntu user and currently consider it the best OS for me since I want the bets open source system I can have. However, the LTS policy is a bad joke - I never got the current LTS version (dapper) to work with my Asus K8N4-E Deluxe motherboard and sata harddrives and I along with many other users complained about it on the forums until the bug report was closed with the decision that it won't be fixed since fixing it might break too many other things (and some had reported the bug even prior to the release). And in addition to that motherboard, the problem seems to be common with many other nforce4 motherboards as well - sata drives don't work. They do, however, work fine with the new, non-LTS release.

    Any Ubuntu developers reading this: As much as I appreciate your efforts and am grateful for the OS, it is hard to take an OS seriously if developers decide that in the "long-term support" version they won't fix a bug like that which affects motherboards with such a common chipset. Can you imagine MS ever doing such a thing? Ubuntu has reached a state where people do try to take it as a viable alternative for serious use and consequently expectations are higher and that's what you want, isn't it? So live up to those then.
  • Re:Just use fedora (Score:3, Informative)

    by Locklin ( 1074657 ) on Saturday December 29, 2007 @10:48PM (#21853326) Homepage
    Really? with commercial support for three years? oh wait... never mind.

    KDE4rc is already in the repos... were just talking about long term support here.

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