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How Hardware Makers Come To Violate Free Software Licenses 186

H4x0r Jim Duggan writes "Veteran violation chasers Shane Coughlan and Armijn Hemel have summarized how license violations are caused in the consumer electronics market under time-to-market pressure and thin profit margins: 'This problem is compounded when one board with a problem appears in devices supplied to a number of western companies. A host of violation reports spanning a dozen European and American businesses may eventually point towards a single mistake during development at an Asian supplier.' They also discuss the helpful organizations which have sprung up and the documents and procedures now available."
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How Hardware Makers Come to Violate Free Software Licenses

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 25, 2009 @05:48AM (#29537585)

    Come on, bonch. You are either hopelessly confused or an intentional troll.

    Copyright infringement is that, copyright infringement and *not theft*. It is still an infringement -- whether it concerns a work put under the GPL or the newest song by the Spice Girls.

    No sensible person here is contending that. It's just this meme of "intellectual property" which we are contending. Copyright, trademark and patents are basically fine (although not as they are now. Especially: copyright terms are too long, patents shouldn't apply to software, maths or business methods, yadda, yadda).

    (I am able to imagine a society without copyrights, patents and even trademarks: we wouldn't need the GPL there. But that is open to lots of debate, I know).
    Clear now?

  • The Linux Exception (Score:2, Informative)

    by LinuxAndLube ( 1526389 ) on Friday September 25, 2009 @06:51AM (#29537783)
    To protect its IP, the CE company that I work for does not allow the use of GPL or LGPL code in production software. It's a good thing that Linux system calls are excepted from the normal GPL rules, otherwise we wouldn't have seen its massive success in embedded devices.
  • by VJ42 ( 860241 ) * on Friday September 25, 2009 @08:36AM (#29538303)

    Copyright infringement is that, copyright infringement and *not theft*.

    This specious argument has been bandied around by shameless pirates for a long time and it's simply not true.

    At least in the UK, the courts have held a clear difference; in the case of Oxford v Moss [], the courts ruled that under the 1968 theft act information is not necessarily intangible[sic] property, and therefor cannot be stolen.

  • Re:like those DVDs (Score:3, Informative)

    by Sancho ( 17056 ) on Friday September 25, 2009 @12:50PM (#29540999) Homepage

    Different pricing in different regions. In some countries, they can get away with charging a lot more, so they do. If imports weren't prevented from playing through the use of region-coding, people in those countries could just import a cheaper version of the same DVD.

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