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Television Technology

The Next Phase of Intelligent TVs Will Observe You 294

An anonymous reader writes "Japan based NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) is testing an interface which observes TV viewers, determines their interest and provides information related to the TV program in accordance with the way they are watching it. UTAN (user technology assisted navigation) TV viewing interface, as it is called, has a camera mounted on the TV which photographs the viewer and estimates the viewer's degrees of interest, concentration, etc. The information is processed by a tablet PC and recommended information is shown to the viewer. It is possible to show individual interests as well, in case there are multiple viewers."
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The Next Phase of Intelligent TVs Will Observe You

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  • by egcagrac0 ( 1410377 ) on Monday May 30, 2011 @02:58PM (#36289462)
    Probably stream to chatroulette.
  • by chazchaz101 ( 871891 ) on Monday May 30, 2011 @02:59PM (#36289482)

    I see you've covered the camera with electrical tape. Would you be interested in these other privacy related products?

  • by leftie ( 667677 ) on Monday May 30, 2011 @03:03PM (#36289540)

    TV watches you. ;)


    [_] This is nothing new. I know someone who has claimed for more than a DECADE that their TV is spying on them.
    [_] Like men will ever give up control of the remote!
    [_] "Excuse me, but why is it every time YOU walk into the room the TV ask if we want to switch to pay-per-view porn?"
    [_] I'd rather have a TV that lets me keep an eye on the scum who think that watching me is a good idea.
    [_] That scream you heard was all those "In Soviet Russia TV watches YOU" jokes dying.
    [_] It doesn't matter - he'll still spend the evening clicking from one channel to the next every commercial.
    [_] Just when you thought you couldn't come up with another reason not to watch TV ...
    [_] Duct Tape Lesson # 2,389,042 - Did you know that you can use duct tape to cover the sensors to keep your TV from spying on you?
    [_] You know that they'll soon be charging extra for a TV that doesn't watch you.
    [_] Mess with them - stick a computer monitor with The Sims having awesome double-back-monkey sex for hours at a time in front of the sensor. Bonus points is you screen "Faces of Death" with the monkey-brain-eating scene instead.
    [_] Sue them for "producing and distributing under-age porn" because your under-18 daughter walked in front of the TV while running from the shower to her bedroom.
    [_] mumble mumble remote when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

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