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AMD Graphics Technology

AMD Releases Fastest Mobile GPU 60

Stoobalou writes "AMD has scored another point over its graphics rival Nvidia with what it claims is the world's fastest single-GPU mobile graphics processor, the Radeon HD 6990M. While the red team is unlikely to hold the crown for long in the fast-moving world of discrete graphics, the company's latest chip is certainly impressive enough. Based on the TeraScale 2 unified processor architecture and the Barts GPU core, the Radeon HD 6990M — a mobile equivalent to the company's high-end Radeon HD 6990 PCI Express graphics card design — features 1,120 stream processing units, 56 texture units, 128 Z/stencil ROP units, and 32 color ROP units."
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AMD Releases Fastest Mobile GPU

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Faster than before !! Pay up !! And don't complain like it's Windows 8 MOTHERFUCKERS !!

  • Yes, but it can't run old LucasArts 3D games. No table fog support in Radeons since forever. What a shame!
  • 6990 - 590 = 6400

    It's a whole 6400 faster!!1

  • apple should put this in the mini but we will likely get the POS i3 cpu with on board video at $700

    • I think that comes from the fact that the target demographic for the apple mini thinks that "processor" is a fancy word for "blender." I didn't think they advertised components of apple products. You buy an apple laptop, it comes in either "normal" or "fancy metal 'pro.'" My limited experience has been that if you ask a mac user for details on their computer, they'll say "Well... it's white?" Not exactly a lot of demand for better processors.
    • by samkass ( 174571 )

      we will likely get...

      If you buy it without this GPU, then Apple was right not to spend the money on it. Don't buy it if it's not up to your needs and Apple will learn to set the product/price appropriate to the market.

      Personally, I don't care much about desktop/laptop GPU power anymore as much as I care about what Apple can cram into the iPad 3...

  • Doesn't matter how fast it is if the driver can't use it. Where are the Linux drivers? I thought back when they were still ATI that they'd pledged to open up their hardware. As far as I know, in Linux we can get 2D acceleration only in a good open driver, or we can get 3D acceleration in a closed driver that is otherwise not so good.

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      by account_deleted ( 4530225 ) on Tuesday July 12, 2011 @04:42PM (#36740002)
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    • You can get information on the status of the open radeon driver here: []

    • Actually, I have 3D support on the open-source Gallium driver for my r700 series ATI card, and they're still heavily working on that driver so support may become a lot better. The open-source graphics driver world has been doing a lot better ever since Gallium came along.

      I can't play Minecraft yet, though. But any typical Linux OpenGL game will work.

    • In addition to the driver-specific website pointed by others in this thread, Phoronix is also a nice source of information :
      - they regularily feature benchmarks pitting closed- versus open-source drivers.
      - they post news about support for recent hardware being added to Kernel / Mesa, etc.

      • Yet good hardware accelerated 3D graphics is still not available in an open source driver for Linux. Phoronix's benchmarks show this quite clearly. The proprietary Catalyst driver is not just a little faster, it's 10 times faster than the best open source driver.

        I have 2 computers with Radeon cards, an X1500, and an HD5450. I have a couple of simple OpenGL programs I wrote, and while they run on those, they're extremely slow. Probably the open source drivers are emulating the 3D with software. Those

        • Yet good hardware accelerated 3D graphics is still not available in an open source driver for Linux. Phoronix's benchmarks show this quite clearly.

          Yet, it's slowing coming in.

          This just in []. Apparently, on the HD6000 side of things, the performance gap is shrinking. We're still talking about a 2:1 gap, but it's better than the 10:1 reported earlier.
          It takes time. Time for the OSS developper getting used to write good drivers for it. Time for good consolidated architectures to emerge and gain momentum (like the Gallium3D with a good separation between API front-ends and hw back-ends). Time for hw manufacturer to integrate OSS in their development pipelin

          • That's good to hear. You know so many details about all this I wonder if you're one of the developers.

            I checked the machine with the HD5450, and I am running r600, not r600g. Confusingly, the package info for ati-dri says "Mesa DRI radeon/r200 + Gallium3D r300,r600 drivers". Not easy to install the actual r600g, as it's not yet in Arch Linux's mainline repositories. I mention all this as an example of the difficulties users face, and am not trying to bog this thread down in the details of my specific

  • by AngryDeuce ( 2205124 ) on Tuesday July 12, 2011 @04:11PM (#36739534)

    Hope you got a spare battery. Or three.

    • Actually, if they're anything like the E-350, battery life won't be a problem at all. For the performance, the E-350 has great battery life. Even more so for the C-50, which sacrifices some performance for insane battery life (12h playing video on some netbooks).
    • Nice for those who want to play games and be burdened by shitty integrated graphics with 2002 era performance. These are integrated but it will fly with video, html 5 acceleration with IE 9/10/Windows 8 and can do flash 1080p HD full screen at 30 fps easily. All this for $700 is impressive. Macbook pro's have their own dedicated video cards but cost like $1600. That is a ton of money.

  • Hey, now you can have a Bitcoin miner on the go!

  • I mean really who gives a fuddly about crysis if it can't even do a few windows correctly. Pfft!

    They'd only just recently made it possible to play video correctly them Whamo no Gnome 3.

    Who cares if they can make better hardware if the software can't talk to it.

  • a mobile equivalent to the company's high-end Radeon HD 6990 PCI Express graphics card design — features 1,120 stream processing units, 56 texture units, 128 Z/stencil ROP units, and 32 color ROP units." Except that the PCI-E version has more than twice as many stream processors (in the order of 3500), 64 color ROPs and 70% higher memory frequency. This might be the best mobile unit, but the 6990M is not, in any way except its name, something comparable to the HD 6990 PCI-E... It is, in all specific
    • Not to mention that the desktop 6990 is a dual GPU card... a better comparison would be the 6970 which is the high end single GPU Radeon.
    • Sir? ... Yes, were the ones to blame, engineers tried to shove the HD6990 on some laptops that eventually burned down one testing room, I was there, the laptop ran it's fans so hard that started to hoover across the table until blowing up spectacularly near to a big pile of failed packaging demos. So management blamed us [1] and we had to come up w/ something that would lead the blame onto us if a smart consumer figured it out.

      [1] We had a lot of failed packages in there because we had to outsource the des

  • Finally, a GPU to do some bit coin mining when on the go!

    The heat will melt the plastic in the laptop lol

  • I need all that power. To open up a new VT and use vim!

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