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Interview With the Editors of Libre Graphics Magazine 51

TheSilentNumber writes "I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the editors of Libre Graphics, a magazine made entirely using free software (even using version control so you can see every change ever made) after they gave a talk at this year's Libre Graphics Meeting. This project is living proof of the printing abilities of Free Software, 'That really is a constant refrain even within our own community. People always still talk about the printing problem. So what printing problem?' Libre Graphics Magazine is doing a truly outstanding job showcasing free works made with free tools, creating a publication of record, and reaching out to designers with this project."

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Interview With the Editors of Libre Graphics Magazine

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  • read the mag instead (Score:3, Informative)

    by kermidge ( 2221646 ) on Tuesday July 12, 2011 @03:55PM (#36739336) Journal

    Has some interesting, useful stuff, from basic to about as free-wheelingly complicated as you'd like. Nice bit about customizing The Gimp.

  • But apart from the occasional full page (bitmap) graphics, most of the two issues is black text on white background, no graphical details, two uniform-width columns, left justified, no feathering [] whatsoever, widows and orphans [] everywhere, etc.

    If this was meant as a proof of good typesetting, it fails. But whether this is FOSS' or editor's failure, that's hard to tell.

  • by ArhcAngel ( 247594 ) on Tuesday July 12, 2011 @04:01PM (#36739404)
    I can't bring myself to press play on the video. Is the person on the far right Pat'
  • Have you looked at the magazine? It's targeted at quite a niche audience, and while it gets its message across and is a decent attempt, would not be considered a reference standard of graphic design. In the real world, graphic designers don't know Perl. Nor should they be expected to.

    Adobe software is not particularly nice nowadays (feature bloat and bugs), and I'd love to see a truly viable competitor. The open source tools have improved as well. But there's a certain refinement professionals expect of the

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward

      But for me, and our club that I edit the magazine for, open source is brilliant, as it means that when I want to hand on the job, I can give the new editor everythin, the layout, editing tools, graphics manipulators, etc and it will all work with whatever OS they have. My wife edits the source material using open office and stores all edited documents as .dot. I use the GIMP mainly for co our correction, alpha transparency, and minor graphical edits, and the layout is done in scribus. We then output a high

  • "Libre"? Barf! OMG, will people just make this word go away? What an embarrassment . :(

  • I don't think that people are complaining that something is impossible to do. From my own FOSS experience, you usually have the tools for pretty much everything, and hardware issues are solved by cherry-picking compatible hardware. The problem is usually rather about how much effort does it take to solve something with FOSS tools only, compared to proprietary tools.

    Now, I have no idea what the difference is in this particular area, since I never faced the challenge, and don't know what tools would be involv


    What? That reads like Libre Crap Hicks. And the 1.2 looks like 12 because the . is lost by being typeset too close to the 1

    This is NOT what I expect of a magazine that purports to be about using free software to do things including layout books and magazines.

  • "Article deserved an illustration and we couldn't find one." So they published the mag with a big blank "draw your own illustration" area, for the "work-flow" article -- Only later realizing that Creative Commons Exists, and they could have used CC media... here [].

    Keep up the good work. Everyone has to start somewhere!
    My first programs were trash, but they were useful to some (doom & X-Com map & save game editors); Some of the web comics I like looked like crap in their early panels, none of

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