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Google+ Registers 25 Million Visitors 213

hypnosec writes "Google Inc.'s new social networking platform Google+ is one of the first to boast of more than 25 million users in less than one month of the launch. Market research firm comScore in its latest report has revealed that Google+, which was launched to masses in late June, has managed more than 25 million visitors in a month and is recording around a million unique visits every day." I've been using G+ for awhile now, but since the grandparents will never leave Facebook, I'm still stuck with 2 systems.
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Google+ Registers 25 Million Visitors

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  • Visitors != users (Score:5, Insightful)

    by VGPowerlord ( 621254 ) on Wednesday August 03, 2011 @11:20AM (#36973150)

    This article seems to be confusing the number visitors with the number of registered users.

    The source they're citing says visitors.

    It's not much of a surprise that a new site by a popular brand would have a lot of people visiting their site in the first month.

    If they boasted that many registered accounts in that time, it'd be even more impressive but, guess what, they didn't.

  • by VGPowerlord ( 621254 ) on Wednesday August 03, 2011 @12:48PM (#36974212)

    Nope, it's 25 million registered users not just visitors. The visitor count sounds like it's quite significantly higher but I haven't seen any specific numbers.

    ...and the source you linked to cites Reuters [], and Reuters says users in the title and visitors in the body.

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