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'Superpoke' To Be No More, Thanks To Google 97

angry tapir writes "Apparently the age of 'superpoking' social network friends and throwing sheep at them is coming to a close. Google plans to shut down the social applications developed by Slide, a company it acquired a year ago for US$182 million. Slide products include SuperPoke, and photo management and decorating tools like Slideshow and FunPix. Slide's applications like Slideshow were very popular on MySpace during its heyday, and found success on other social networking sites, including Facebook, where the sheep-throwing feature of SuperPoke caught on, entertaining and annoying many."
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'Superpoke' To Be No More, Thanks To Google

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  • Donno if I should compare Superpoke to a VW Superbeetle with upgraded front suspension and a redesigned front clip, or if I should think of it as an orgy relative to the Poke's sexual overtone...

  • by JoshuaZ ( 1134087 ) on Sunday August 28, 2011 @08:31PM (#37237630) Homepage
    SuperPoke is a Facebook application. Why have an application that is tied in with a competitor's product? G+ is obviously a lot more important to Google than SuperPoke is, so SuperPoke is going to die.
    • by MaggieL ( 10193 )

      Why have an application that is tied in with a competitor's product?

      Like G+ and Google Search on iPhone?

    • by drgould ( 24404 )

      SuperPoke is a Facebook application. Why have an application that is tied in with a competitor's product?

      Like Microsoft Office for Mac?

      • by bonch ( 38532 ) *

        Microsoft had to keep making Office for Mac, in addition to purchasing non-voting Apple shares, as part of a settlement over stolen Quicktime code. Why they continue to make Office for Mac today is perhaps because it's profitable for the division that makes or that it helps stave off future antitrust problems.

        • by Anonymous Coward

          Microsoft had to keep making Office for Mac, in addition to purchasing non-voting Apple shares, as part of a settlement over stolen Quicktime code.

          Why would anyone want to steal Quicktime code, or even use Quicktime?

          • It's Microsoft. They ran the numbers and found it was cheaper to steal than create.

          • Because, at the time, there was no video support in Windows at all. Microsoft build Video For Windows (which later evolved into DirectShow) using some code appropriated from QuickTime. Don't confuse the QuickTime Player with QuickTime. One is a tiny front end, the other is a rich multimedia framework. It's getting slightly dated now (hence the fact that it's largely replaced with AVFoundation in OS X and iOS), but in the '90s it was the API to use for multimedia applications.
        • Office is one of microsofts most profitable product lines, just behind windows. It would be commercial suicide for them to kill it off, just to spite a competitor.

          Remember: Selling to your competitors customers is more profitable than refusing to sell to them.

          Plus I suspect microsoft and apple have an understanding that goes something like "You keep making bootcamp so we can sell mac users windows and we'll keep making office". The presence of apple alternatives to office is more as an insurance policy if m

    • SuperPoke is a Facebook application.

      Wait, "SuperPoke" is an application?

      It appears Facebook is even shittier than I remember.

    • It is odd to me, the lack of game floods and pokes etc... are alot of what G+ has as a selling point over facebook. I find it odd they would care to reduce it.
  • Does this mean Google+ won't be filled with extremely annoying "applications"?

    • Re: annoying apps (Score:3, Informative)

      by macraig ( 621737 )

      Does this mean Google+ won't be filled with extremely annoying "applications"?

      Given that in other news Google has confessed that G+ is really an identity clearinghouse and not a socializing gadget, that's exactly what it means.

      • by Xacid ( 560407 )

        Mod this up!

        That's pretty much the same exact vibe I've gotten.

        Yet here I am using G+...

      • by Anonymous Coward

        Did you even read the linked articles for that story? It was a complete anti-Google FUD piece. Eric Schmidt said that it was an "identity service", but never that it wasn't a social network or that the social aspect was "bait". That was all from the imagination of the poster.

        Similarly, if you followed the link that was labeled "will seriously downgrade your other Google services", you would have found an article that claimed "In both scenarios, downgrading from Google+ will have no effect on other Google se

  • by jalefkowit ( 101585 ) <.moc.ztiwokfelnosaj. .ta. .nosaj.> on Sunday August 28, 2011 @08:42PM (#37237714) Homepage
    Yup, SuperPoke is on its way out. And the Pokers are piiiiiiiiiiissed. []
    • by Sabalon ( 1684 )

      Meanwhile I'm sure they have some real pets who are being neglected.

      This must be one of those things that I have blocked cause half the mom's I know are obsessed with that crap.

    • by Dahamma ( 304068 )

      "Favorite part of this post? The Farmville moms trolling TC." Brilliant.

      Though I have to admit if I were a middle aged woman who put real money into an online game that was suddenly cancelled, I'd probably be pissed, too. Google might want to consider crediting back people for their virtual shit if they want to avoid some bizarre (but interesting) virtual lawsuits...

    • by Ihmhi ( 1206036 ) <> on Sunday August 28, 2011 @11:38PM (#37238500)

      Something you guys need to understand - some of these people who play loads of Facebook games put the same kind of emotional investment into them as more "tradtional" hardcore gamers do.

      Remember the shitstorm when Modern Warfare 2 wasn't going to have dedicated servers? Or when Starcraft 2 wasn't going to have offline mode or LAN play (currently being repeated for Diablo 3)? It's no different; many of us are just blind to their emotional investment because it's not the games we play or even the type of games we play.

      Something changes in the next Zynga or Popcap game and the hardcore gaming crowd goes "lol, casuals". But Duke Nukem has the Calladooty-style 2 weapon limit and a lot of us are mad beyond belief.

  • by SilverHatHacker ( 1381259 ) on Sunday August 28, 2011 @08:49PM (#37237748)
    First they're pitching G+ as an identity service, then they're killing the SuperPoke! Which is it? Are you evil are not, Google?
    • As long as they are 100% open in their intentions it's hard to call it evil. If you don't like or agree with those intentions, then you just don't sign up.

      • I guess you missed the joke. Identity service = evil (unless you're a marketer). Killing SuperPoke = thoroughly good (unless you're a soccer mom).

  • by lostmongoose ( 1094523 ) on Sunday August 28, 2011 @09:03PM (#37237814)
    Using the logic of the comments presented in tfa, we can sue every time an MMO shuts down if we paid for items in it?
    • Sure, you can sue. You just won't get anywhere-- except maybe something like Second Life, where you actually own the intellectual property you've developed or purchased, and aren't just making a one-time payment for an added benefit to the service they're providing. It's been tried several times in the past.
  • There could be any number of reasons for this.
    We don't know how many people used the Slide products. It could very well be that the Slide products were on a downward usage trend...

    I mean really...the one thought that popped into my head when I saw the headline was
    "And nothing of value was lost."

    • Ach, serves me right for not RTFA.

      ...But usage of Slide applications has apparently been declining and disappointing...

      Just a sensible business decision, nothing to see here, move along now people.

  • by Inzite ( 472846 ) on Sunday August 28, 2011 @09:51PM (#37238060)
    .....and good riddance. Who ever used the sheeptossing feature, anyway? What a joke.

    Take me back to the good old IRC days please. It's been a while since I smacked someone around with a large trout.
    • What the heck is this sheep-tossing thing anyway? We raise sheep, and if there is an alternative market for our product...

      For that matter, we raise Shetlands, which are fairly small sheep: easier to throw and potentially concealable (need a big coat). Also, they have fine wool, so they might not chafe as much when concealed...

    • by rhook ( 943951 )

      Who ever used the sheeptossing feature, anyway?

      The Scottish.

    • You're looking down your nose at this, and you want to go back to IRC for, what, its superior intellectual discussions? Have you read lately?

      Okay, let me show you what I mean. This is the first comment that comes up when I click the "random" button:

      [High`] its ko myabe uoy cuodl noe dya

      And this is down three more quotes:

      [torque--> i can fart out loud in an internet cafe because everyones wearing headphones

      If that's your idea of the "good old IRC days", no wonder you think virtual sheep tossing is a waste of time...

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I mean, G+'s and facebook's obsession with getting our personal data qualifies as a "superpeek"...

  • Is it just me or does it seem like the lack of revenue growth has caused an increase in the amount of bean counters and cost accounting in order to better ballance its share price?

  • Regardless of the actual decision, the comments quoted are very scary, a mix of rage an delusion.

    But this I think is hilarious:

    Iâ(TM)ve heard of suicide missions but this tops them all! If Google really does shut down SuperPoke Pets they might as well close their own doors at the same time.

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