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More Interviews With World Solar Challenge Competitors 9

Mike_EE_U_of_I writes with "Continuing coverage of the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Now up are interviews with the second place team (Nuon from the Netherlands) and third place University of Michigan. Also there is an interview with the organizer of the event, Chris Sellwood. Official times aren't out yet, but Nuon arrived at the finish 65 minutes after the leaders, and Michigan reached the finish 103 minutes after Nuon."
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More Interviews With World Solar Challenge Competitors

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    • by MrL0G1C ( 867445 )

      Everyone has to tighten their belt these days, no exceptions.

      This is why we're practically in a recession, the less belt-tightening the better to get out of the recession.

      • by ttong ( 2459466 )

        Sure, go spend some more. When the credit card refuses, just get another one. Hell, Greece does it all the time so why can't we?

  • As there really isn't a central site with up-to-date news in the weeks before the World Solar Challenge, I decided to do it myself. In the weeks and days before the WSC I started collecting all information about all the teams I could find. Some teams have extensive websites, social media accounts, youtube/vimeo accounts while other teams simply had no online presence at all. Very frustrating. I managed to collect detailed information of only eight teams []. During the event I took a week off from work, and to

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