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WindowMaker Development Resumes, Has First Release Since 2006 192

First time accepted submitter brad-x writes "A new team of developers has recently picked up development of WindowMaker, and they've added many new features, including improved support for the freedesktop standard menu layout and Mac OS X style application and window switching from the keyboard, culminating in a new release, 0.95.2. A basic changelog is available on the newly redesigned website."
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WindowMaker Development Resumes, Has First Release Since 2006

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 16, 2012 @01:59PM (#39062777)

    Sometimes all you want is a window manager. You don't need an integrated file manager, dvd burner or media player. WindowMaker is tremendously fast, stable and memory efficient.

  • Re:Woooo! (Score:5, Informative)

    by ByOhTek ( 1181381 ) on Thursday February 16, 2012 @02:05PM (#39062877) Journal

    Dude, Window Maker is awesome as a light weight desktop system. 3

    Aside from compatibility improvements, I say don't fix what isn't broken.

  • Re:Sweet (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 16, 2012 @03:02PM (#39063885)

    Try NX. All you need is a working sshd and it's wayyyyy faster than VNC.

  • by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <martin.espinoza@gmail.com> on Thursday February 16, 2012 @04:38PM (#39065279) Homepage Journal

    What I'm really asking here is what's the actual benefit of doing things the NeXTSTEP way? I don't get it.

    The NeXTStep dock keeps things that you fix to one place in the same place so you can use muscle memory to find them, whereas when it was remade for OSX it was designed to prioritize looks and so it wanders around the display. It has folders, which is a cool thing for a dock to have, and which was taken out for OSX. It's nothing you can't get with other docks, but it's sensible by default and at the time it was pretty groundbreaking.

  • by pseelig ( 850 ) on Thursday February 16, 2012 @08:16PM (#39068139) Homepage

    There is a project on sourceforge to remaster a standard Ubuntu 11.04 ISO image into a Window Maker Live ISO. It is based on a small scripting framework which relies on the Ubuntu Customization Kit for the creation of a working Live CD, and has the very latest Window Maker 0.95.2 as the only and default graphical user interface. It is also very preconfigured, so that one is able to just start using it already at first login.

    The project is currently hosted at sourceforge.net/projects/wmlive [sourceforge.net] and also provides some ready made live ISO torrents for interested people who don't want to have to remaster an Ubuntu ISO image on their own. Any feedback and possibly even contributions are very welcome.

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