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Georgia Tech iPhone App Could Help Blind Users Text 60

MojoKid writes "Researchers at Georgia Tech university have built a prototype app for touch-screen mobile devices that is vying to be a complete solution for texting without the need to look at a mobile gadget's screen. In theory, it should greatly help the blind interact with mobile phones, but it could help just about anyone looking for a more efficient way to interact. Research has shown that gesture-based texting is a viable solution for eyes-free written communication in the future, making obsolete the need for users to look at their devices while inputting text. The free open-source app, called BrailleTouch, incorporates the Braille writing system used by the visually impaired. Early studies with visually impaired participants proficient in Braille typing have demonstrated that users can input up to 32 words per minute with 92 percent accuracy with the prototype app for the iPhone."

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Georgia Tech iPhone App Could Help Blind Users Text

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  • Assistive devices (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Crizp ( 216129 ) <> on Monday February 20, 2012 @03:21AM (#39097571) Homepage

    I thought the iPhone supported most assistive devices, like braille keyboards, and "reading sticks" (those that can pop up a line of braille using small nubs, dunno what they're called in English) already?

  • My blind friend (Score:5, Interesting)

    by TheRedDuke ( 1734262 ) on Monday February 20, 2012 @03:23AM (#39097575)
    uses an older flip phone with an old-fashioned dialing pad. He texts by sound and feel, and faster than I can on my keyboard-less smartphone. Oh, and he paid $100 less for his phone and $20 less per month thanks to the fact that he doesn't NEED an iPhone or a data plan. While I feel like the research might have its heart in the right place, a much simpler solution appears to already exist.
  • I'm not blind... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by pongo000 ( 97357 ) on Monday February 20, 2012 @04:28AM (#39097737)

    ...and I can't even come close to 32wpm on my smartphone (I tend to fat-finger my letters and spend more time back-spacing or looking for auto-completed words than typing). I've tried all the various gimmicks such as Swype and T9, but if this system is really netting users 30+wpm, I think it's time for me to learn Braille.

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