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Video Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix Ready For Download 115

TheNextCorner writes "The Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix is ready for download! The recommended distro to run on the Raspberry Pi is a Remix of the Fedora open source software. The Remix is a distribution comprised of software packages from the Fedora ARM project, plus a small number of additional packages that are modified from the Fedora versions or which cannot be included in Fedora due to licensing issues – in particular, the libraries for accessing the VideoCore GPU on the Raspberry Pi."
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Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix Ready For Download

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  • Still waiting....

    • by rzr ( 898397 )
      there is also one for me ... i'll probally stick to debian ... but promise I'll test that rpm based distro !
      • Can't wait... (Score:5, Interesting)

        by fyngyrz ( 762201 ) on Thursday March 08, 2012 @09:12PM (#39296245) Homepage Journal

        To see what goodies people will come up with that can be "stuck on" this thing. Power monitoring, sensors of all kinds, cameras, serial and parallel ports, wifi and bluetooth, ham radio, maybe an SDR front end, a real time clock (a notable missing hunk-o-hardware), etc.

        mmmm, cheap computing. MMMMM!

        • Re: (Score:1, Insightful)

          by Anonymous Coward

          Dude, small ARM based computers have been available for a while. Anything you don't need a big screen for can already be done with something like the Seagate Dockstar, Pogoplug and other derivatives of the Sheevaplug. The Raspberry Pi is not revolutionary hardware. It's a nice step forward because it has a graphics port, but that's it. Most people will use it with XBMC or do things that they could already be doing on any of the other small ARM computers at a similar or slightly higher price. Expectations ar

          • Re:Can't wait... (Score:5, Insightful)

            by oakgrove ( 845019 ) on Thursday March 08, 2012 @09:45PM (#39296497)
            It's 25 dollars, numb nuts. That's what makes it different.
            • It's 25 dollars, numb nuts. That's what makes it different.

              Nowadays, tern year old children have mobile phones worth ten or twenty times that in their pocket. I just don't see that the low price means anything unless you're talking about developing nations as with the OLPC project.

              • It means you can buy stacks of them for the price of one of those phones the ten year old kid has in his pocket. If you can't see the value in that I don't know what to tell you.
          • Re:Can't wait... (Score:5, Insightful)

            by fyngyrz ( 762201 ) on Thursday March 08, 2012 @09:48PM (#39296529) Homepage Journal

            Dude, the pogoplug, sheevaplug and dockstar are all more than twice as expensive as the pi. Those dollars matter. $35 is cookie jar money for a lot more people than $80 or $90 is. It's not just HDMI, it's HDMI and price and expandability.

            but the sobering reality is that it's just another low-powered Linux computer. It does not open up new possibilities.

            Um. Well, we will see. Personally, I am pretty confident it will. There are thresholds beyond which certain effects don't occur, and $100 of cookie jar injury is probably one of them. $35... a lot less so. $35 that plugs right into your HD tv or monitor... ok, now we're cooking.

          • by Anonymous Coward

            Not quite -- you have to work to get a distribution all cleaned up to build drivers on the pogoplug. Say for example, that you want to plug an arduino into a pogoplug -- you need the FTDI driver to move serial over the USB and it's not standard on the pogo -- so either you have to build a full custom setup or you have to come up with a way to build the kernel module in a cross compiled environment -- both are doable but both take work. With a full Fedora setup it should be more straight forward to insta

            • by Anonymous Coward

              Unlike the Pi, the Pogoplug needs no proprietary software to support all hardware features. You can install a stock Debian on the Pogoplug.

              The Pogoplug has a 3.3V serial port on board (just like the Raspberry Pi): []

              You can use a USB-serial adapter instead if you want. It's no more trouble than on any other ARM Linux system (i.e. none at all).

              Not that it's necessary, but you can build a custom kernel and kernel modules on the Pogoplug itself. A cross-c

              • by arth1 ( 260657 )

                Where the Pi truly wins is HYPE.

                I'm probably going to be modded down for agreeing with you, but so be it.
                The $25 model lacks essentials like a network port. It's not going to be a big seller.
                The $35 model isn't $35 - your final bill is going to be much higher.

                Both of them run on an outdated arm CPU family, armv6, where support is dwindling.

                Yes, a beagleboard is more expensive, but not all that much more expensive, given how much more you get, and what you have to pay extra for with the Pi.

                What they have is the dark half of the Elite (the

      • There's a debian squeeze port available now right here []. The problem is that it was never compiled to do floating point instructions in hardware, so you're going to lose some seroius performance by using it over Fedora.

        There are two "stock" Debian ARM distros. The one in stable (the "Arm EABI" port) doesn't support floating point. There's also one in the unstable branch called "armhf" which has support for ARM hardware floaitng point, but only for ARMv7 and up. Raspberry Pi is ARMv6 (notes for armhf platform are here. [].

        • by makomk ( 752139 )

          Also, Ubuntu doesn't support ARMv6 hardware at all and apparently it took a lot of yelling at the Raspberry Pi Foundation by Shuttleworth before they stopped describing it as being able to run Ubuntu. It seems to be mostly FPU-less chips for embedded applications that are still ARMv6 these days.

        • by Hatta ( 162192 )

          WTF Debian? What happened to being the "Universal Operating System"?

          • Dude, you know the answer. If you're not happy that Debian doesn't support every architecture out there, you have the source...

    • by HansKloss ( 665474 ) on Thursday March 08, 2012 @09:47PM (#39296517)

      Get Gentoo instead.
      It will finish compiling shortly before Raspberry Pi arrives.

      • I used to run Gentoo many years ago. I could get it up and runing (enough to watch DVDs in GNOME) in about 5 hours on a system that was a few years old and only midrange when I built it.

        A complete recompile of everything would take about a day and a half. I gave up because I couldn't be bothered with the admin, not because it took too long.

    • by mdsolar ( 1045926 ) on Friday March 09, 2012 @01:20AM (#39297697) Homepage Journal
      3-14 at 3 pm?
  • Nobody's got one (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Raspberry Pis are still not available. Can we cut back on the hype until they actually ship?

    • by fyngyrz ( 762201 ) on Thursday March 08, 2012 @09:09PM (#39296225) Homepage Journal

      No, let's not. This is one very exciting little hunk of hardware. It's legitimate news that the software is ready, too.

      Hey! Did you know that if you're not interested in a story, you can do this thing called "not clicking on it" and that'll keep it ENTIRELY out of your hair? it's high-tech, I know, and not everyone has the 'leet skillz to be able to pull a complex operation like that off, but hey, maybe with some remedial evening classes at your local community college, you too can learn to only click on stories that interest you!

      • It IS legitimate news. Unfortunately, I think it pissed off a lot more people than it informed. That's not a reason not to post it. But the actual news is "Fedora is out for R-Pi and you still can't fucking get one"

      • Did you know that if you're not interested in a story, you can do this thing called "not clicking on it" and that'll keep it ENTIRELY out of your hair

        You'd think so (and I'm usually the first one to think exactly the same), but then there'd also be no need for AdBlocker. After all people can just NOT LOOK at the ads.

        For me, the Raspberry Pi stuff over the last few weeks has really gotten annoying. I'd just as soon they give it a rest, too. It's turning me off of the product just because it's become the Slashdot equivalent of one of those advertisements which is so prevalent that it gets to saturation point and turns away those people who may have been on

    • by makomk ( 752139 )

      You should be thankful you're not on the official Raspberry Pi forums, or the moderators would've deleted your criticism and one of the fanboys would have joked about tying you to a lamppost naked or something to punish you (which, unlike any kind of criticism, is entirely A-OK with the Raspberry Pi staff). I am not making this up []. You can find the original thread here []. You can see that the moderators were aware of and fine with the tying-to-a-lamppost comment because they read and deleted its target's comp

  • Im awaiting for the day when someone makes a capacitive touch screen and a bunch of batteries that one of these can be plugged into (enclosed pls).
  • by Ian.Waring ( 591380 ) on Friday March 09, 2012 @03:03AM (#39298177) Homepage
    Any ideas if all the work at Sugar Labs will work on this remix within the current memory size constraints of a Raspberry Pi?
    • by Ignacio ( 1465 )

      It ought to. The XO-1 has 256MB RAM and a bulkier instruction set, so Sugar should be just a yum install away.

  • What the heck is going on? You can't even preorder one and the ones ordered already are delayed. In the meantime there are about as many distributions for it as devices out there "in the wild".
    We sold only like 10 devices on ebay (and yes, they fetched good money) and now there are thousands of seeds in the torrent for distribution X. And we need even more seeds! And today we repackaged distribution Y, go and download that as well!
    Just take the buzz down a bit and start freakin' shipping!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 09, 2012 @03:53AM (#39298393)

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but the first batch of 10000 pi's have
    A component issue

    The Ethernet jack on the pi is supposed to include the magnetic components but the Chinese factory
    Appear to have substituted the jack for a standard wires only

    This issue was only discovered during testing , they had to x-ray the jack to prove the substitution

    It won't delay the first batch by much but there may be delays in volume production

  • How is the Pi going to affect the Arduino market? Is the Pi higher specced and cheaper?

    • The Pi is basically an iPad 1 with HDMI instead of the touchscreen, is much powerful than an 8bit arduino, and both are similarly priced. The Pi is basically a nice platform for children to start learning how to program, and for adults who like playing with awesome toys. The arduino is much more geared towards hardware/electronics projects rather than software development. The two platforms don't really compete with each other, but they do compliment each other rather well.... I suspect most people would
      • by makomk ( 752139 )

        The Raspberry Pi's actually slower than the iPad 1 at least in terms of CPU - it has an older generation of ARM processor clocked at a lower speed. It's more in the ballpark of the iPhone 3GS. I'm not sure how the GPU compares because they're designed by different companies and there's a lot of marketing BS out there. The older ARM CPU does also mean that it can't run the ARM version of Ubuntu.

        These days, there are actually cheap made-in-China ARM tablets with more capable hardware.

        • by mlush ( 620447 )

          These days, there are actually cheap made-in-China ARM tablets with more capable hardware.


          • by makomk ( 752139 )

            Google/eBay/whatever the Allwinner A10. On paper at least, it's a really quite impressive chip powering some really cheap hardware.

      • Also, it's easy to go from Arduino to production of an AVR device. If you build an RPi machine you're always stuck running it on a full Linux machine.

  • by unixisc ( 2429386 ) on Friday March 09, 2012 @08:16AM (#39299499)
    Methinks the ideal distro for this box would be the ARM version of Minix 3. They should get that on the RP, and start from there.
  • they should call the release Raspberry Jam or similar. No one puts Fedoras in Pies.

  • I'm in line to get my FREE Pi. Picked up a coupon at the Blacksbug FudCON:

    Planning on turning mine into a MythTV frontend unit. :)

    Good times..


  • Beowulf!, no?

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